How Safaricom Plays god And Using It’s Monopoly Status To Squeeze Money From Minion Citizenry


How Safaricom plays God & using it’s monopoly status to squeeze money to mint its billions from minion citizenry, it’s staff meanwhile treat customers with disdain….after all they are a multi billion juggernaut

Penning🖊my Journal, every business depends on internet data & Safaricom a gigantic monolith has chosen to play God with this crucial resource. It cunningly overcharges clients and will explain how.

I wish to highlight it cause every consumer has rights, and infringement by monopolies must be fought.

I write this in the hope that’s the Gods that lead Safaricom can hear my cries, your foot soldiers are above citizenry to bother about their plight, or is it your policy?

For the last 2 weeks have incessantly called Safaricom a Data Biz Support Tel. 0722002222 help desk on ref A/c 1-118706074551- Compliant & Infringement of Rights/ Overcharging.

Every time I call, I end up dealing with a different customer service officer. Safaricom as a policy refuses to give official numbers for its officers, they cite security reasons?

As a result every time one calls, you deal with different officer & again reiterate the problem, it’s a circus of sorts. They commit to have “someone” senior to call you back but nobody does, you can’t nail anybody as nobody is responsible. Call it a roller coaster.

Am a data customer based in Migori, sometime in November 2019, Safaricom discontinued the data package (which I am in), which charged 2MBS at Kes 11,500 (approx). It then moved onto a new package which offered 5MBS at Kes 5,500 (approx).

It was the onus of Safaricom staff to inform & follow up with existing clients of the change and move them to the new package.

This did not happen due to the negligence of staff in their Kisii Branch which handled my account in Migori. As a result I have been overcharged by Safaricom with difference of Kes 6,000 from Nov 2019 to May 2020. Which should work out to an overcharge of approx Kes 30,000 to Kes 36,000 (money Safaricom is reluctant to return).


I have spoken to Wycliffe in Safaricom Kisii Branch who was handling the account on 3 Jun 2020. He has requested me to fill a form on 3 Jun 2020 to move me to the new package. This is what Safaricom should have done in the first instance back in Nov 2019.

Shockingly, after many of “avoiding my calls” he finally tells me that Safaricom will not refund me for the overcharge. I asked him why, he couldn’t answer?

My guess they want to keep it in there cookie jar to boost their billions. This is ludicrous!
Is it ethical for Safaricom to charge me five times the price Kes 11,500, for 2MBS whilst other customers pay Kes 5,500 for 5MBS of data ? All for a fault brought about by their own office! They choose not correct it as they continue to benefit. This is sheer greed.

Have visited the Migori Office three times last week, the Manager is under siege & he is held up in corporate meetings, never calls back despite my sms.

The front staff are courteous but are helpless. I finally wrote to one officer but a fairly simple issue still requires upward intervention. It’s excruciating, nothing just gets done despite the gloat of customer service.

Consumer Rights and CCK should protect us consumers against exploitation.
May the Gods that control “this better option” hear the cries of its subjects.
Am told there’s young Starehian who is now it’s CEO, has he begun working or is he working from home…. ?

If you are a data customer probe your bills & like me you might also find out you are being overcharged.

Does anybody know any of the bigger Gods in Safaricom Head Office who can help Wuod Baba am stuck in a rut, and their Migori Office little Gods are always busy mired in back office meetings lockdown too. Ostensibly, they have bigger problems to deal with in those meetings. Help me…?

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