RIP KPLC: What The Takeover By Board Chair Apopo & The Deterioration Of Service Means


Even before Vivienne Apopo came to chair the board of Kenya Power and Lighting Company, the firm was on its death bed.

It was therefore curious why the govt would settle for a person that had run another firm through dubious financial accounting and outright mismanagement.

The East African Development Bank boss was knonw for all the wrong reasons such as cooking the books of account at the bank and issuing questionable loans.

But KPLC is a firm she would rescitate?

It was and still is a joke appointment.

The quality of services at KPLC deteriorated more as customer care, and field technicians went on rampage giving poor customer service.

In a comlpany that brought in faulty transformers worth millions of shillings, the rot is now even noticeable that Apopo is at the helm.

There’s an old proverb that says, a good reputation is more desirable than great wealth. Reputation goes a long way, a good one opens good things for the owner to do even greater.

However, in Kenya, the opposite has been true. The UhuRuto govt has often appointed the worst to govt so that it is easier to blackmail and armtwist them into corrupt practices.


Apopo’s bad name is evident as technician carry out shoddy jobs.

For example, yesterday, after night rains, all transformers and post fell down at River Road, Nairobi CBD.


Eveb at the height of rheviery, KPLC maintained consistent electricity supply in one of the most important square mile.

But having electricity polls fall due to slight rain in Luthuli, one of the busiestbl commercial places in Nairobi is a new low.

The takeover of KPLC by going govt doesn’t even help as Apopo has now been awarded with CEO powers to oversee procurement.

Thia is just a way of escaping accountability as most of the firms that will win tenders are already known, they belong to state official, powerful ones.

The same ones that failed to deliver on the Last MILE Project.

It is now that services and everything will deteriorate further at the Utility firm, culminating to the calls of privatisation of KPLC. can see this scheme from far.

The audit being carried out by the interior ministry will also not see the light of day as it is only meant to pacify the forces that sought accountability and arrest of looters at KPLC.

#SwitchOffKPLC did a better job than what Fred Matiang’i is trying to do.

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