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  • Why Nairobi Landlords Are Turning Away Single Ladies

    Loading… I’m curious why some caretakers in Eastlands flats are turning away single women looking for houses to rent. I received the same rejection from two caretakers who explained that their landlords had given them strict instructions not to rent out their one-bedroom apartment to single women. I was curious because some of us are […]

  • How Supreme Court Ruling Gave Raila, Uhuru A Pass To Bring Back BBI

    Loading… The Supreme Court has sounded the death knell for the Building Bridges Initiative but opened a window for the handshake brigade to initiate a fresh constitutional amendments.  In the landmark ruling, the seven-judge bench on Thursday overturned five of the seven grounds the Court of Appeal had used to annul the BBI-driven law change.  […]

  • Puzzle Of Stalled Menengai Geothermal Power Project

    Loading… Yesterday the Business Daily reported that; “Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has bought back a majority in a company that won a lucrative deal to build a 35-megawatt geothermal power plant in Menengai, Nakuru County from steel and cement tycoon Narendra Raval.” Moi had sold a majority stake in the firm to Raval in 2017. […]

  • Captured: Why Kikuyus Must Not Expect Ruto To Slot Them A DP Position

    Loading… When President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto took to campaigns to succeed former President Kibaki, they had an impressive manifesto that promised to change Kenya for the best. The plan was for Ruto to deputise Uhuru for two terms and then Ruto would make his bid for the top seat, and as […]

  • Want Brainy Children? Try Eggs

    Loading… Many first time parents are not sure whether they should feed their children with eggs. It is one of those feeding practices that carry a lot of myths and misinformation which see many denying their children eggs. Take Nancy Wekesa, a first-time mother in London Estate Nakuru County. Her three-year-old son loves eggs but […]

  • OKA: A Rolling Comedy Of Errors

    Loading… It was supposed to be a big announcement on who would be the flagbearer for the One Kenya Alliance (OKA). But yesterday, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Kanu boss Gideon Moi and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula postponed the announcement despite travelling hundreds of kilometres to an event that was skipped by ANC chief Musalia […]

  • How Ruto Is Weakening His Own Campaign

    Loading… Deputy President William Ruto appears keen to tone down his toxic rhetoric about an alleged plot to block him from succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta. While addressing several campaign rallies in western Kenya this past week, he sought to downplay any fears that his victory would be stolen or that he might not be sworn […]

  • NGENO: Njonjo Was Vehemently Opposed To Africanization

    Loading… By Eric Ngeno NJONJO IS DEAD Because he was the son of a senior colonial official, Charles Njonjo never really experienced colonialism and was at best indifferent to the independence struggle Afterwards, he was vehemently opposed to Africanisation, loudly announcing that certain professions were beyond the ability of Africans. He specifically mentioned Law, Medicine […]

  • State’s goal of cheaper electricity doesn’t match its actions

    Loading… A year and half ago the Attorney-General, the government’s primary legal adviser, gave the go-ahead to terminate expensive power purchase agreements (PPAs) for three producers. But they are still operating, raising questions about the latest push by officials to lower electricity prices. In an “urgent” November 7, 2019 letter to Solicitor-General Ken Ogeto, the […]

  • ICJ thunderbolt: Uhuru’s tough choices on KDF troops in Somalia

    Loading… The International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) unfavourable judgment on the maritime dispute with Somalia has left the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in a Catch-22 situation. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his generals have to make a decision on the troops’ continued operations in the war-torn nation under the African Union Mission for Somalia (Amisom). Mogadishu has in […]