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Powerful State House Man And Crooked Lawyer Who Sent Sonko Home


Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has released an expose revealing how High Court Judge, Juma Chitembwe, was bribed to manipulate his impeachment case.

Sonko was impeached by Nairobi County Assembly last year but he moved to the High Court to block his impeachment.

What the former Governor didn’t know is that the place where he was trying to get justice is a ‘brothel of corruption’ where those with bags of money get justice.

Justice Juma Chitembwe was the case’s presiding Judge and Sonko in an expose revealed how State House cartels at city hall and even Nairobi Metropolitan Service Director-General, Major Mohamed Badi, played dirty to ensure he is sent home.

In the expose, President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a man by the name of George Kariuki to convince Chitembwe not to stop Sonko’s impeachment.

Kariuki is also the Deputy State House comptroller and he has the ear of the President.

Kariuki worked with Cecil Miller who happened to be Sonko’s lawyer in previous cases. Miller connected Kariuki to Justice Chitembwe and paid bribes for the ruling sending Sonko home.

Lawyer Cecil Miller.

In our previous post on Miller, we slightly revealed his corrupt ways and now everything is coming to the surface.


Miller who operates one of the biggest law firms in Kenya has over and over again proven that ethics doesn’t matter when it comes to winning cases. This website received damning evidence that we will publish for the next one week to expose this conman who pretends to be a lawyer.

Miller got his wealth through corrupt dealings and inheritance from his father who was at one time the chief justice of Kenya, is a serial philanderer whose appetite for skirts knows no bounds.

Miller played a critical role in the looting and eventual collapse of Chase Bank, he used legal ways including bribery, to ensure looters of Chase Bank were never arrested or prosecuted.

Miller also played a role in the near collapse of Family Bank and how he was instrumental in cooking books for the bank that nearly collapsed two years ago. Any bank he touches, usually ends up having liquidity problems because he has a specialised in looting of banks.

Miller and his mother Christine Nyaguthi Miller played a role in the looting of billions from the government in the Ruaraka Land scam. We shall also expose how she uses her series of pubs and restaurants to launder money from her sons law firms and its dirty clients. If you eat or drink at Saape, just know that you are supporting the people who loots your country.

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