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Sonko Savagely Exposes The Buyer Beware Admins As War Escalates



(See inside how Mildred Atty Owiso and Buyers Beware Group forced Brenda Akinyi to commit suicide through Cyber Bullying, how Mildred extorted Ksh. 1.5 Million from Co-Op Bank Management which was deposited into to her account Buyers Awareness Kenya AC. NO. 01148732841800 on 20th March, 2018, how Mildred is known in UK as a Rwandese Lesbian Asylum Seeker by the name Mariae Ndlovicimpa and why she is wanted there for drugs related charges and abandoning her 6 Kids in Leicester, UK as well as many horror stories of dozens of victims of Mildred’s cyber bullying). So far so many families have been broken coz of the lies and blackmail by this group.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Since yesterday when I posted about how BUYERS BEWARE FACEBOOK GROUP Founders and Admin MILDRED ATIENO (ATTY) OWISO ID. NO 214873223 from Siaya County, Ukwala District, North Ugenya Location, Nyalenya Sub-Location whose parents are RICHARD FREDRICK OWISO OTURE and JOYCE ORARO OTIENO OWISO tried blackmailing and extorting money from me directly and through proxies using malicious and fake story based on lies, just to pre-empt the pending raid which we were pIanning to conduct this weekend in her house to rescue young innocent girls from being tricked to go to the middle east for after receiving numerous complaints from the public. I have received hundreds of inbox messages from the public ( real Kenyans not the the bloggers and fake accounts being used here to bully people from knowing the truth) giving me very valuable information and horror stories of how these same BUYERS BEWARE Admins and other FACEBOOK GROUP Admins are using their Facebook Groups to blackmail, extort and carry out cyber bullying against innocent Kenyans for money or intimidation.

Two years ago, I swore as Governor of Nairobi City County “to do Justice to all” and I remain committed to make sure all Nairobi Residents especially victims of Cyber Bullying.

Let me be clear, I am a firm believer in whistle blowing based on facts and truth. I do it all the time in dealing with cartels and whenever there is an online report on Nairobi County comes out, I follow up to find out if it is true because as Nairobi CEO, I can’t be everywhere or see everything and I rely on you to help me mulika crooks and cartels.

My investigations have revealed that while most “real” members of these Facebook Groups are innocent by standers, there are at least a few dozen “super” members who are close associates of the admins each with between 70 to 125 Pseudo Accounts who operate as Cyber bullying mercenaries for hire on standby.

For instance, I have established that MILDRED ATTY OWISO and JACKSON NJERU (the other group Admin) have 48 Such “super” Group Members who patronise the several BUYERS BEWARE FACEBOOK to drive their sinister agenda online. For example MILDRED and JACKSON and their 48 “Super Members” each has between 70 and 120 Pseudo Facebook Accounts which they use to push any topic of their choice to the top for the “real” and innocent members of the BUYERS BEWARE Group to take it up.

This is how BUYERS BEWARE works: According to NTV, for your post to be validated by the Admins to be posted in BUYERS BEWARE Group, you have to pay a fee to the Admins. From time to time, the group Admin will approve messages of members who have not paid and unleach pseudo members to troll them as they did to Irene Kendi and the late Brenda Akinyi (see below) to look balanced.

Once a “sponsored” complaint is validated and posted in BUYERS BEWARE, for the Group Admins to pull it down, the brand or the person affected has to pay the Admins. The “super” members are alerted by the Admins which post to hype to achieve the desired effect. For instance, for a brand manager to agree to pay for a post in Buyers Beware to be pulled down, the Admins have to use pseudo accounts members to push negative comments and likes to over 2,000 for the affected persons to panic.

Of course this is easy where you have 40 People with about 100 Facebook Pseudo Accounts log in, comment and log out to log into another account and repeat the process. By end of the day, you have 48 People appear like 2000 people have reacted to the post and innocent members of the public take notice of it.

This madness has to come to a stop. I don’t know what BUYERS BEWARE Admins do, you know me: When I take up a matter in public interest, nothing can stop me until I win justice for Kenyans. We have fought big cartels and won, the BUYERS BEWARE Admins and their Cyber Bullying cartels have to go down.

Its not acceptable that the likes of MILDRED ATTY OWISO and JACKSON NJERU should continue terrorizing innocent Kenyans. Enough is enough, this is the end of the road for Cyber Bullies in Kenya.

See a sample of the damage that MILDRED ATTY OWISO, JACKSON NJERU and their BUYERS BEWARE FACEBOOK Group have done to innocent Kenyans in a matter of few years:-

  1. On Friday 12th May 2017 the late Brenda Akinyi Waru committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a moving vehicle along Waiyaki Way. Brenda had been sexually taken advantage of by a cop called Jeff whom she had turned to for help after her boyfriend defiled her 3 year old daughter. When she posted on Buyers Beware Facebook Group, Mildred and Cyber Bullies using pseudo Facebook accounts harassed her endlessly until she went into depression and committed suicide. To this day, Brenda and her 3 year old daughter have never got justice. Watch the attached video to the end.
  2. When Brenda’s friend Emily Nyakerera went to the City Mortuary to confirm she was dead and posted in Buyers Beware Group to alert the members. Instead of sympathysing with her departed friend Brenda and herself, Mildred and her cyber bullies on the Buyers Beware group descended on her and called her all manner of names. Mildred also deleted the posts on Brenda and Emily to cover tracks and avoid being held responsible.


  1. Luckily, Emily didn’t give in to Mildred’s bullying and reported to the authorities specifically DCI and Communication Authority who followed the issue and established indeed there is a case of cyber bullying by Mildred and some of her group members most of whom are pseudo accounts. Emily’s demand letters to Mildred didn’t stop the online harassment.



  1. At the same time, another lady friend of Brenda, one Damaris Too reached out to the media specifically NTV for help after she became a victim of the group’s harassment and realised the issue of harassment by the Buyers Beware Admins was a wide spread issue. But even the NTV reporter who took up the story did not escape Mildred’s wrath and was trolled and bullied in the group for weeks.
  2. This harassment alerted NTV Management about the cyber bullying issue. At the same time, the late Brenda’s suicide recorded message emerged where she stated clearly that cyber bullying by Mildred and Members of Buyers Beware whom she had reached out for help had driven her to suicide. Victoria Rubadiri (then at NTV) hosted Damaris Too, Communication Authority Representative and a lawyer to discuss the issue of Cyber Bullying after realizing it was getting out of hand.


  1. But even Rubadiri, her show and guests didn’t escape Mildred’s and her members online bashing in what seems to be a calculated attempt to silence potential whistle blowers against her extortionist ring through online intimidation.
  2. Around the same time, Mildred Atty’s Buyers Beware Co-Admin Jackson Njeru was sued by Lawyer Cecil Miller for defamation for a post in Buyers Beware which he had posted to blackmail and extort the top city lawyer. The court ordered Njeru to pull down his failing which he would be held in contempt of court.
  3. However, instead of pulling down the negative posts against the innocent lawyer and his family, Njeru and Mildred Atty persisted in harassing Cecil Miller at Buyers Beware. The lawyer went back to court and Njeru was jailed for 2 month for contempt of court.

SEE: Ruling on Jackson Njeru Contempt of Court:



  1. Buyers Beware Members led by Mildred Atty escalated their cyber bullying of Cecil Miller to even insulting the court and judicial officers leading to the court committing Jackson Njeru to jail a second time for discussing a sub judice matter in online forums.
  2. If you remember the Kenyatta National Hospital Patients Rape allegations that led to the resignation of KNH CEO Lily Koros. The rape allegations were later found to be mere fabrications and untrue.

Daily Nation:


  1. Mildred Atty Owiso harassed Co-Op Bank Management until they gave in into her trap and agreed to pay her to stop bullying the Bank online. Mildred hata alirusha another Buyer Beware female Admin (whose name we cannot disclose) and blocked her everywhere because of the Co-op Bank deal. It turns out Co-op Bank pays Buyer Beware and Mildred Atty Owiso Ksh. 1.5 Million ndio wasimulikwe. This is a serious Corporate Governance issue because how the deal works is if someone in Buyers Beware tries to post a complaint againt Co-op Bank, the Group Admins do not validate the post so it does not appear in public but send it to the bank to deal with it out of fear ya kumulikwa.

Mildred deals with one Ngumo Kahiga 0722702783 based at the Co-op Bank Headquarters who convinced the bank to wire the bribe of 1.5m and later got a share. Since Mildred could not register Buyers Beware name because it had been taken, she registered Buyers Awareness which owns the account to which Co-op Bank wired her the money. Specifically, Mildred Account by the name Buyer Awareness is Acc. No. 0111488732841800 at Moi Avenue Branch Nairobi was wired Ksh. 1.5 Million on 20th March 2018. The bank prepared a fake contract which expires on 31/8/2019 with some funny reasons in some clauses reading protection fees, pulling down of any negative comments and posts, monitoring and protecting the bank from any social media attacks. (copy of contract in my possession to be released in next update). This tells you the extent of Mildred’s extortion schemes. (more details on this to follow)

  1. Mildred Atty Owiso has cyber bullied hundreds of other women using Buyers Beware Group besides Brenda and Emily. It is heartbreaking to hear the suffering some of these women have gone through in the hands of Mildred and her mafia.
  2. For example, Jackline Nyako of the Cecil Miller’s case is still under depression and has been thoroughly humiliated in violation of her right to privacy and human dignity, all of which are enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya. Jackline is still in depression as we speak and she lost her car because of Mildred and her cyber bullies activities.
  3. Lyne, the founder of Kilimani Mums went through hell in the hands of Mildred Atty Owiso, according to her friends who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of attracting the vengeance of Buyers Beware Group. It turns out Mildred thought Kilimani Mums was upstaging her group Buyers Beware and she decided to finish the Admin of the competition through publishing unprintable things on social media.
  4. One Diana Okello had to leave the country and change her contacts after thorough Cyber Bullying by Mildred Atty Owiso online and in particular in the Buyers Beware Facebook Group. Diana is now living in St. Paul Minisota, United States.
  5. Former SONU Leader Irene Kendi decried in the BUYERS BEWARE how major supermarkets in Kenya were refusing to take debit cards for Dollar Accounts only for the story to be turned around by Mildred Atty and her members and Irene to be bullied out of Facebook.

READ: Former Student Blasted for Rant at Supermarket:

Wrong move: Ex-student leader blasted for her dollars rant at supermarket

  1. Mildred Atty Owiso gave Nairobi Businesswomen Tonnie Nyanja very rough time. She was forced to enlist the help of police to get the Buyers Beware group admins off his back.
  2. It would interest you to know that Mildred Atty Otieno is wanted in United Kingdom for drugs related charges and neglect of her six (6) children in Leicester UK and she can’t set her foot at Heathrow Airport as will be arrested on arrival. Mildred Atty had sought asylum in UK pretending to be a Lesbian of Rwandese Nationality by the name of Mariae Ndlovicimpa at the risk of persecution in Rwanda due to her sexual orientation. It has been proved that she has 2 Passports bearing different names. she has travelled to United Kingdom several times yet immigration records show she has never used her Kenyan passport in any Kenyan point of entry or exit. She travels to UK through Entebbe Uganda and she has been bragging how she has several passports but remains untouchable because she threatens law enforcement officers with exposing them badly in her Facebook Group Buyers Beware.
  3. The other Buyers Beware Admin Jackson Njeru was at some point in hot soup for working closely with Alshabaab. So you can see the kind of criminals who run Buyers Beware Facebook Group. In fact, a former Admin confessed about how Jackson often posts fake news about being arrested by police to get sympathy from innocent and gullible group members and them con money.


  1. Mildred Atty Owiso has even faked her own abduction at some point to get media attention and public sympathy.


I have more evidence than can fit in one post against Mildred Atty Owiso and her co-admins including how they conspire with friends to advertise non-existent goods and ask Kenyans to send money and deny them afterwards:

Buyer Beware: Don’t Fall For This Facebook Cons

How Mildred Atty is on Immigration Watch List:


How Mildred Atty is part of a Human Trafficking Syndicate led by her husband Joram Odhiambo Liech:


We shall be exposing these crooks once and for all. Enough is enough, not one more Kenyan should have to die like Brenda Akinyi Waru because of cyber bullying by a few crooks running an extortion scheme. Never again!

Many other victims have lost money in con schemes in the same Buyers Beware group or similar Facebook Groups. Brands, Corporates and top managers are threatened with getting exposed in the BUYERS BEWARE group to pay the Admins for silence or pull down a negative malicious story about a product, transaction or company. I believe in truth and that is why I do not hesitate to expose cartels and criminal schemes especially when I know facts are on my side. Sasa, nitawaanika hapa wote. ALUTA CONTINUA

We are in the process of finalising a detailed mother of all documentaries than that of Jicho pevu to be aired in all media houses as an advertiser’s feature sponsored by myself mpaka IFIKIE WAKENYA WOTE.

There's no story that cannot be told. We cover the stories that others don't want to be told, we bring you all the news you need. If you have tips, exposes or any story you need to be told bluntly and all queries write to us [email protected] also find us on Telegram

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