Abel Mutua left a note for his crush Sanaipei Tande 16 years ago, she just responded


Popular actor, comedian and screenwriter Abel Mutua has opened up on his crush on Kenyan songstress Sanaipei Tande in the first episode of his new weekly online show ‘Young and Stupid.’

Mutua, in the episode, recalls how – after clearing high school in 2004 – he returned home to find that a group called Sema was the talk of town.

Sema – a musical group composed of Kevin Waweru, Pam Waithaka and Sanaipei Tande – had been part of a talent competition called Coca Cola Pop Stars.

Mutua goes ahead to narrate how he went with his sister to visit a friend of hers and they berated him about his lack of knowledge about the Coca Cola Pop Stars, who were possibly the biggest deal in the music industry at the time.

His sister’s friend turned out to be the sister of veteran musician Chris Adwar who had written one song for Sema called ‘Mwewe’; and so they told him to go and listen to it.

“I listened to that first verse by Sanaipei Tande and told myself ‘God, that right there is my wife.’ I can’t explain it. I hadn’t even seen her by then, I had only listened to her voice,” he said.

“So I looked her up on Google and a photo of the Sema group popped up with Sanaipei Tande at the front. And I said this one belongs with me here in Kibera, I felt I should look for her, put all her belongings in a paper bag and bring her back home with me.”

Mutua then talks about asking friends about the studio where Sanaipei and group used to record and, upon being informed that he would find them at Calif Records, he started looking for money to go and look for her.

“I went and bought chocolate worth Ksh.625, kids of nowadays may think that is not a lot of money but back then raising that amount was difficult. My father had some old pick up that he had been given by an uncle, but he also abandoned it after 2 weeks because it was expensive to maintain,” he added.

“During that time there was a water problem in Kibera, so I decided to use the pickup to ferry water to people’s homesteads and charge them. I got about 20 jerrycans, was given water for free, and I charged 3 bob for each jerrycan. So I was making 60 bob for one trip. For me to make Ksh.600 bob, I needed to make 10 trips. So that day I made 15 trips.”


Mutua found his way to Calif Records, after getting lost a couple of times, where he found a musician named Mahatma who informed him that Sanaipei had not been around in a while.

Mahatma, however, informed him that he could leave whatever it was he wanted to give to Sanaipei with them and they would ensure it gets to her through Genge artist Jua Cali.

The Phil It TV Creative Director further recalls scribbling a note expressing interest to meet Sanaipei as well as his mother’s phone number for her to contact him through, and leaving that alongside the chocolate with Mahatma.

He also says his mother later concocted a story that Sanaipei was politician William Ole Ntimama’s daughter so that he could abandon his mission.

Strangely enough, as Mutua admitted, this was 16 years ago and since then – despite both of them being big shots in the showbiz industry at the moment – he has still never got to meet Sanaipei.

The songstress has since, in a video posted on Instagram, reached out to Mutua and vowed to message him so they can meet.

“So, Abel Mutua, Hi. I have been tagged until I have decided to reach out to you. I’m sorry for having to fetch water to make 600 bob, I’m sorry that you missed Calif matatus, I’m sorry for buying chocolates that were eaten at Calif…I’m really sorry, but mwanaume ni effort,” said Sana, as she is popularly known.

“Thank you for trying so much. So what we’re going to do is organize a little something, I’ll DM you. And, by the way, say Hi to the wife before she thinks that I’m on your case. Also, congratulations on the first episode of ‘Young and Stupid.’ I’m flattered to have been featured.”

Sanaipei also denied being the late Ntimama’s daughter or having any affiliation with him.

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