‘Baba Anachoma’ Winnie Odinga Opens Up About Her Relationship With The Parents


Winnie Odinga, the lastborn daughter of ODM leader Raila Odinga, says away from politics, her father is a peaceful person, who prays and reads the Bible a lot.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe Japanni on Wednesday, Winnie shared details of what it is like to have come from a public family.

“My mum is the disciplinarian. You remember DOs during President Moi’s era? She is like that, but we respect each other,” she said.null

“On the other hand, dad is easier going but his problem is that he does not take into consideration what we tell him. Like when we tell him not to do or say something, we only come to learn later that he already did.”

Asked to give examples of the things he has done contrary to what they want, Winnie laughed, saying she could not reveal live on air.

“‘Baba’ anachoma. Sometimes we see things he has said and we are like, ‘Ooh my God, what did he just do?'” she said.

“But it is a lot of fun growing up with them.”

Asked if she is being groomed to later step into the humongous shoes of her father, Winnie said politics is in her blood but for her, she is a political operative who does her politics in the background.


Speaking on her father losing elections several times, Winnie said she cried when ‘Baba’ lost in 2007.

“You feel defeated coz you’ve been defeated. Unajua ni vita you are fighting and if doesn’t go your way, you feel defeated. You feel down but you have to come up and keep going on.”null

She was also asked about Baba’s swearing-in back in 2018, when the opposition leader defied authorities to go ahead with a ceremony to swear him in as ‘president of the people’.

Winnie explained that she was in the forefront but cameras did not show her.

“My dad did not want me to go. You know the way the US President Kennedy was shot and it was his wife who held him, I told my dad if that happens, I will be the one to hold him,” she said.

“Everyone at the swearing-in was risking their lives.”

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