Churchill Show Employees Crying That He Left Them Broke As He Moved To TV47


Comedian Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Churchill, is on the spot after his former employees accused him of being greedy.

One of Churchill’s former employees reached out to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and claimed that he took off with their dues which he is yet to clear despite signing a multi-million deal with TV 47. 

He only paid vocal employees who can make him trend.

Churchill is reportedly squandering the money with women in clubs as his former employees suffer.

This is what the frustrated employee wrote to Nyakundi.

 Hi Nyakundi,

Thank you for always helping Kenyan workers from exploitation by greedy employers.

I would like to highlight the suffering that Churchil has caused to his employees by refusing to pay them their dues yet he is a millionaire who spends all his time in Ngong road womanizing and drinking alcohol.

He was paid millions to join TV47 but he has refused to pay his former workers.

When the show stopped Churchill owed a lot of people money and some of it was brought to the limelight #churchillpaycomedians.

He only paid the people who could make him trend.


But refused to pay the humble guys who were doing odd jobs like cleaning, guards, cooks casual laborers since they dint have ways of airing their plight.

And also his employees and technical crew producing the show.

He had promised the technical guys and employees that when the show comes back he would give them work and also pay their debts. But he has now gotten new technical crew at tv47 to avoid paying his old crew.

He closed the office and fired everyone through a WhatsApp message. This is a very toxic employer who has brainwashed Kenyans to believe he is a generous soul.

Two of his former employees Makena and Kevin died while asking for their dues to seek medical attention but he blocked them.

He didn’t even visit their families or even contribute to their burial.

Another is sick but he has refused to pay him his dues.

Kindly highlight these issues and help so many people.

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