Comedian Eric Omondi On The Spot For Fake Pregnancy Announcement


Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi’s badly stacked house of cards came undone on Monday, after his attempt to dupe his followers with a fake pregnancy announcement hit a snag.

And if you think that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, take a moment. Think again.

The comedian, who claims to be the president of Comedy in Africa, appeared to lose his presidential mien on the same day, after his baby mama, Jackie Maribe, outed him as a dead beat dad.

Deadbeat President?

But let’s back up a little.

Omondi and Miss P, an up-and-coming singer, announced their pregnancy on Monday, with Omondi promising to be a responsible father to the unborn child.

“I met thisbeautiful womann 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened, happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility. Children are a blessing from God,” Omondi captioned the fake baby bump photos.

He claimed that he met Miss P at one of his events and that things went down after that, leaving the singer with a bun baking in her oven.

And on Monday, the bun was out, for all see.

The comedian who had stripped down to an animal skin loin cloth cradled the singer from the back, as she in turn placed her arms on her rotund belly.

The hoax hadn’t even made it halfway across the world when a wide-eyed Kenyan handed over all the receipts to BNN, claiming that the pregnancy was only a test run for a new music video that Miss P had yet to debut.

The same source claimed to have seen Miss P about a week ago, cavorting at a local airport, looking very non-pregnant.

Several photos also showed the upcoming singer getting a prosthetic belly, further exposing and embarrassing the two.


As if that wasn’t enough, Shakilla, a rising socialite, joined the fray, saying that she had also faked a pregnancywith the comic for clout.

“First I was faking I was pregnant with their princess after doing so many retakes to have the perfect video then I see another badly edited picture of another naive girl saying she’ll be taken care of,” Shakilla launched the offensive on her IG stories.

She also claimed that Omondi was only using the up and  coming singer for clout, after which he would drop her

“Next time for better try ordering at least a fake belly bump or get a good editor responsibility my foot tell her to learn from the rest she’ll be used and dumped after they get views,” she added.


And now to the dead-beat daddy drama.

Omondi’s baby mama,  Ms Maribe issued a statement on her gram,  moment’s after her snide comment on the pregnancy announcement went viral.

“So, all said and done, and you can read in between the lines if you want, I’m hopelessly in love with motherhood. And as a single mum doing everything on her own, my goal is to raise a brilliant person, as he already is.”

“Now, a lot of people have asked me to be quiet about what the real story on the ground is, I respect that,” Ms Maribe captioned a photo of her son with the comedian.

“But I also ask that you respect me enough to be really real.”

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