Duale’s Ex Nazlin Umar Claims To Have Had A Hand In His Firing As Leader Of Majority


From Umar’s Facebook post.

AdenNazlin Opening of servers. LOL. Oops. Not a good day for the majority leader Hon Aden Duale Aden Duale Oops, I meant EX majority leader. My EX too, I’ve been reminded to mention, 💁🤷so I’ve ammended my post to add this sentence LOL.

(1) I dumped him. I wonder whyyy?? 🤔 kenyans wondered why🤔

(2) Uhuru dumps him. I wonder whyyy.🤔🤔

Yes I had a hand in this, I admit. I finaly see justice beginning to open it’s doors for me.

I didn’t want President #UhuruKenyatta harmed for what YOU did to ME, I was asked for some time and I was patient but now that the president has done the right thing by me, I’m coming for your jugular armed with all the tools of justice. I will mop the floor with you and make sure you face the full arms of the law and end in jail where you belong. Book an appointment with your retarded, useless despotic malicious lawyer #ahmednasir and the top 20 lawyers in Kenya. They will face ME.

Was it just the petition by #Kiega OR my complaints to the president on what you actually did to me, the many reports made in OB at police stations, the police surgeons P3 against you and medical reports from hospital that I had to be hospitalized?

All this that you had to come begging for my love in that audio that trended. Kenyans didn’t know at the time why I was so inconsolibale, frightened and in tears. I couldn’t take it and left you.

But I didn’t go viral and todate haven’t released any of that information or P3 to the public, nor sued you nor fought for you to be charged in a court of law even as you and your despotic malicious boss #DeputyPresident #Ruto compromised the police. So I sought justice with the office of the President, no less.


And that’s not all. You hired #AlShabaab to assassinate ME!?? I recorded my complains about this and the despot Deputy president Ruto’s death threats via a petitiin to the IG, DPP and the president that I served in person.

There are many ways to deal with issues and I made sure the president saw what you did to me and that you were unfit to continue to hold that office. I asked that you be forced to step down or be fired to retain the integrity of the office of Majority leader of the national assembly.

I was also healing. I’m stronger now and Uhuru has acted to oust you from the office of the majority leader as I pointed out that it was no longer becoming of you or that office to have you polluting it. You aren’t a lawmaker but a law breaker, double faced. You were foubd unfit.

Blame me for the loss of seat of Majority leader. I admit I had a hand of complaints to Uhuru.

Silent power it’s called. Silent power.

Let me send you a bouquet of roses, with thorns…im being kind.

Double condolences Aden. From the heart.💓
Karma is indeed a bitch.

This is just part ONE I must say. Watch this space.


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