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Elsa Majimbo: I Will Never Return To Kenya


Kenyan-born comedian Elsa Majimbo now says that she will never return back to her home country because of the “complicated relationship” between her and Kenyans.

Speaking with Forbes, Majimbo explained that her woes with Kenyans began when she became a worldwide internet sensation in 2020.

She said that Kenyans were quick to “bully” her on the internet with colorist remarks and that they were “praying for my downfall”.

“I have a very complicated relationship with Nairobi. When things started going on well for me there was alot of backlash to me and there were alot of colorist things said towards me and surprisingly its people from Kenya who were doing that and they were bullying me on the internet,” she told Forbes.

“They were hell bent on my failure and it was so absurd. When the whole world was cheering me on Kenya was praying for my downfall so when I got the chance I packed my bags and I left. I’ll go to see my family but I left and I’m never going back.”


Majimbo’s comment elicited a question from her interviewer, who asked to what extent cancel culture has taken stage in Kenya that she dislikes the way she claims she was treated.

In a quick rebuttal Majimbo said “it wasn’t cancel culture, I didn’t do anything”. 

She claimed that Kenyans prefer female comedians to base their craft “on self-hatred and to call themselves ugly because they are darker and to say that they don’t deserve anything in this world.”

Majimbo however noted that she has, over time, developed a thick skin to criticism and has learnt to ignore haters.

“I just ignore it, I’m making my bag so I’m living my life.”

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