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Fame Gotten To Her Head: Azziad Nasenya, Utawezana Girl Now Wants To Sue Jalango And Mpasho


The girl who wowed the depressed world with her charming smile and waist whine to the Utawezana hit song simply can’t wezana with the mess that games comes with and is steadily turning out to be a gorgeous asshole.

Well, things have have been working out well for her, that one TikTok video shot her fame up, her social media pages have been growing at a rate of 300%. There’s no lie about it that she’s very very beautiful but how she’s handling things really affirms what they say about the beauty and the brains.

Anyway here’s the thing, there has been news doing rounds that the lady had been offered a job by Tanzanian star Diamond on his Wasafi TV and that she turned it down saying Diamond is a womanizer and can’t work with him.

Radio presenter replied to this questioning the news and the blonde responded with a ‘I’ve engaged my lawyers’ so overnight fame has gotten into her head. We’ve seen women with bigger asses that would swallow your whole body up and they stayed humble. Nikki wouldn’t Sue a fly for saying they’re doing blah blah

Staying humble is one of the best ways to stay afloat in the game. Some Kenyans have been agitated with her sentiments of legal suit;

Steve: Acha kiherehere 😂😂Tutakutroll udelete hio Tik Tok yako nansenz

Josy: Advocates ama Avocados??

Ojiambo: Who is her PR manager ? One should not respond to everything out there press ignore and focus on your career. Don’t give enemies ammunition

Bogibenda: Hauna haga sa utakuaje na advocates surely…one thing at a time. Tafta ass alafu utafte advocates Sasa.


Rhymeking: wakenya wakishakujenga Stay Away from them!!😂😂ama watakurudisha pale pale juu ya vitu huelewi😂

Yurich: Don’t sue because you think it is fun. It will drain you back to zero. Many will laugh at how skeleton your case will be. And Jalango may end up slapping your fame with a 10 million bill for malicious prosecution. No one, us all tweeps included will give you a cent. Be wise!

Harry: So what is the advocate supposed to do? Azziad, you got talent but wisdom or lack of shall grow or kill it!

Anyway, young lady, you need to calm down your tits, the same Kenyans who made you won’t blink an eye to see you melt and disappear, you’ll be bullied, there will always be someone who’ll come on TikTok with a better smile, bigger ass and killer whine. Count your blessings and go, stop chasing air, these people have made fake news about the president so who the fuck you think you’re? Just coz you moving your waist you think you’re special? You should check on YouTube how horses can dance well.

Stay calm, make your videos, enjoy your fame, it will soon be gone, people forget and move on quickly, remember that girl who danced in the sauti sol video? She was just like you by everything and was all over and guess where she is now? Gone and forgotten. Right now even if Vera Sidika posts her ovaries nobody will give a fuck, we’ve seen it all and people don’t care anymore.

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