King Kaka Opens Up On What Went Wrong With His Medication And Encountering A Near Death Situation


Rapper King Kaka has opened up about his recent tribulations, days after several of his photos looking frail and sickly in a hospital bed went viral on the Kenyan interwebs. 

The rapper says the start of the darkest period of his life begun some four months ago when he walked into a hospital and was misdiagnosed. 

During an interview with Radio Citizen on Tuesday, Kaka claimed that the hospital also gave him the wrong prescription,  throwing him into the untold doldrums of unexplained sickness and worrying weight loss. 

“I was sick like four months ago, I went to a hospital and a doctor misdiagnosed me, mwili ikaanza kujikula pole pole na nikaanza kulose weight,” King Kaka told Radio Citizen

“Ilifika mahali nikaanza kulose weight pole pole,sielewi  nilikuwa 85 but by the time nilikuwa naenda hospitali kulazwa, I was 62,” 

Kaka who  is still yet to open up on the nature of his illness claims he took no action against the doctor or the hospital because he believed it was an honest mistake.

“Mi huwanga mtu wa kusameheana sana, nikasema nitafute treatment kwingine, makosa sometimes si mtu apanga.. unasameheana unatafuta suluhisho kwingine,” 

Kaka, who recently released Manifest, a music video inspired by the tumultuous period, says it was the lowest point of his life and he frequently lost hope.

“Ni space na wakati ngumu sana, siwezi wish kitu kama hicho kwa mtu yoyote, but support system ni muhimu, family imekuwa hapo,”the rapper said on Tuesday. 

He is grateful to his support system, especially his wife Nana, who was by his side the entire time, assuring him that everything would be fine.

“Mke wangu amepigana sana, sometimes nilikuwa nalose nguvu ya kiakili, but she kept saying it would be okay, make wangu alinipea nguvu sana ya kiakili,” King Kaka told Radio Citizen. 


According to the musician, the situation has taught him to be more grateful for all of life’s blessings and to not take anything for granted.

“Kila kitu ni blessings, kama unaweza kula, kuna mtu yuko mahali hosi hawezi ongea, kama unaweza tembea, ilifika mahali singeweza kutembea, niilingizwa hosi na wheel chair,” he added. 

The rapper also says that he is now on the mend and has gained significant weight, weighing 74 kilograms.

“Tunapigana bado, niko na macheck-ups na madaktari , lakini niko nyumbani na-recover, naweza kukula na nimeanza kurudisha weight, sahii niko 74,” he added. 

“Maombi ya watu  ndio itanisaidia, na imenisaidia,” 

Kenyan online were quick to note that the incident is similar to musician Jimmy Gait’s 2019 fiasco with a local hospital. 

The  singer said a facility in Nairobi diagnosed him with a throat condition and advised him to seek surgery in India. 

Doctors weren’t sure if he would be able so sing again, or at all,  after the surgery. 

When he went to India, however, a doctor identified as Dr Sanjay Khanna explained that it was merely acid reflux, which did not require surgery or the fuss.

The singer further said that he was shocked that Kenyan doctors quickly recommended surgery before carrying out any tests on him, suggesting that they were only out for his money.

“I am shocked that a doctor would rather make money from me than give me the proper treatment,” he says.

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