Lawyer Cliff Ombeta And Blogger Mutai’s Twitter Spat Turns Ugly


Undoubtedly one of the highly ranked and most sort after criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta, it wasn’t him defending a client in court but engaging blogger Abraham Mutai who called him out for his role in defending criminals.

“I only see Cliff Obeta during the arrests and bail applications for criminals. I have not seen the good lawyer during active cases in court. Especially at the conclusion or judgement. Does Cliff Obeta practice law?” Mutai questioned in what would later turn out to be the strike that sparked the inferno.

“I have also been informed that you sell dvd’s and socks. Please advertise here we buy.” Ombeta fired back.

“have only seen you on Twitter, and even in there you are mediocre. Nikutumie ksh 527.” Ombeta continued

“I’m a serious FARMER. I don’t sell SOCKS. As of you ndugu, YOU are accused of conning some Kenyans on these streets, how did that case go? Why are you working so hard to avoid this question? Is this why you are running for office in some remote village in Nyanza?” Mutai replied.

“Cliff Ombeta was once busted here CONNING people on twitter but dude has guts to call me mediocre. What lawyer is busy conning Kenyans on twitter?” Tweeted Mutai while attaching screenshots from an alleged client who claimed that despite having made a payment of Sh150M to the lawyer, he didn’t make any reply neither responded to his calls and texts despite the Legal matter being urgent.

A Twitter conversation with the client who approached him on his official Twitter account.
A confirmation of the bank transfer to the lawyer.
A follow up on having made the payment.
A communication with the client who after fruitless calls wanted his full refund of legal fee paid.
The matter was reported to the Law Society of Kenya who wrote to the lawyer demanding that he responds to the complaint made by the client, Ali Mohammed Ally.

“Here is a letter from Advocates Complaints Commission to Ombeta, accused by the commission of CONNING and insulting a client. Cliff @OmbetaC can insult me all he wants but on this, HE WILL NEVER respond to these LEGITIMATE issues am raising because he knows HE CONNED A CLIENT!”


“You are running on UDA, a party that prides itself in identifying with HUSTLERS who mostly sell DvDs, Socks on the streets, mboga etc. Here you a rich CORRUPT lawyer who takes from Drug dealers busy demeaning the same hustlers you claim to love and support. The kind of HYPOCRISY!” A fiery Mutai aimed back in reference to the lawyer’s recent declaration who’s interest in carrying the Bonchari Constituency on UDA ticket which is Deputy President’s ticket for 2022. Ombeta has not shied away from expressing his support for the deputy President who also for long has been faced with endless corruption accusations including his close allies who’re fighting cases in court.

“Apart from CONNING hustlers, CLIFF OMBETA defends DRUG DEALERS to stay out of jail to continue selling poison & killing Kenyans. You @OmbetaC are a deeply ROTTEN soul. Now you are running on UDA, a party that supports HUSTLERS who mostly are killed by these DRUGS!” Mutai continued in his rants referring the narcotics trafficking against the Akasha family whom he represented in Kenya court. The accused would later be extradited and convicted in US court.

“CLIFF OMBETA feeds his family, his children with money OBTAINED from DRUG DEALERS. Blood Money. Money that is obtained after killing Kenyans through selling them poison, COCAINE, HEROIN name them. That’s what pays Ombeta. A rotten soul who now wants to vie for Parliamentary seat.” Mutai’s attacks continued.

“CLIFF Ombeta an INCOMPETENT lawyer was FIRED by MIKE SONKO after Sonko discovered that Ombeta doesn’t win cases, he delays them. He simply delays your imprisonment. After filing for bail application, Ombeta will start postponing your case and many other similar tactics.”

In 2013, Sonko fired his lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Alphonse Mutinda in Kibera court in their absence after finding out the lawyers had asked the magistrate to postpone the case since they were engaged somewhere else.

With barbs still getting traded, this article is definitely going to get updated as soon as any new information drops as we’re following.

The Twitter streets are very rough just to quote Malema.

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