Protect Raila For Us, Rapper Khaligraph Reaches Out To Ruto


Rapper Brian Omollo, popularly known as Khaligraph Jones, has appealed to President-elect William Ruto to prioritise reconciliation once he assumes office.

In a new freestyle music track, the rapper well known for conveying conscious messages through thoughtful rhymes starts off by congratulating Ruto saying he admires the fact that he has been elevated to the high office.

“As you assume the role I hope you get this information. We are just from an election so country bado ni  shaky, a lot of sadness imekuwa mtaa lately but this is from a good place so I hope you don’t mistake me,” Jones says in the first stanza.

“And to my supporters, I also hope you won’t hate me, but there is an issue that only you (Ruto) can address: reconciliation – that’s what we need to start afresh,” Khaligraph raps in a mixture of Swahili, English and urban slang, Sheng.

He goes on to say that some people are insulting Azimio leader Raila Odinga and it’s stressing him but Ruto being a man of God, is best placed to bring the animosity to a stop. 

“Yes, a man of integrity, put the country together coz chuki sahi si necessity. Baba is being attacked, people calling him names but you can change this narrative coz you’ve been through the same.”

Ruto and Raila were the leading contenders in the closely contested August polls whose outcome saw Ruto declared the winner with over 7.1 million votes.

Raila, who got 6.9 million votes rejected the results and moved to court but his petition was on Monday dismissed by the Supreme Court for lack of sufficient evidence.

The ODM leader said he respects the court’s verdict although he “vehemently disagrees” with it. 

A section of Raila’s supporters also expressed similar feelings going by their remarks on social media.

Some of Raila’s opponents, however, have made unkind remarks following his fifth loss in the presidential race saying he will never see the presidency.


Khaligraph told Ruto he faced similar outlandish remarks during the campaign stretch and should know how Raila is feeling at the moment.

“Remember how they told you huwezi kalia hiyo kiti, but Mungu ni nani ona sasa umefika hapo juu. Ombi letu kama wananchi ni ati uweke Baba fiti,” Khaligraph says.

(Remember how they told you you can’t occupy that seat, but God being who He is you are now at the helm. Our biggest prayer is that you take good care of Raila)

While asking Ruto to be empathetic, Khaligraph revealed that his own mother has been sickly since Raila lost the election but if Ruto protects him, she and other Raila supporters going through similar experiences will be happy.

“I bet she will be happier ukicheza kama wewe, tuprotektie huyu mzae usiache akemewe juu tunampenda vile tunakupenda,” Khaligraph says.

This loosely translates to, “If you protect Raila my mother will be happier, protect this old man, don’t let him be insulted because we love him just like we love you”.

Khaligraph signs off the one-minute, 56-second song with another congratulatory message to Ruto and thanks him for listening.

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