‘Sio Eti Nilikua Nalazimisha’ Omosh Responds To Critics As He Asks For One More Last Favor


Former Tahidi High Actor Omosh of Friday trended after he came out to the public seeking for help from Kenyans four months after he was helped.

Many could not understand how well he had used the amount of money he got from friend who aided him. Most were angered by the comedian and asked him to look for something to do.

Omosh defended himself saying he had many debts which he had to clear.

Speaking in a radio interview, Omosh said that only a good job can help him, and not monetary contributions.

“There are many holes I was filling and not all who promised me money fulfilled the promise, for some it was just PR. I had rent arrears amounting to 1 year and a half, I had so much debt.

Even if you give me money, it will be over at some point. But a job can sustain me, my problem is getting a job. I can’t account for how much money I received. Right now am remaining with a small amount, less than 100k. My responsibilities are big, two wives, children at school,” said Omosh. 


On the backlash he is receiving, Omosh responded;


“Wanakasirika ya nini? I don’t lie, am a Christian, and I am faithful to my religion. He should not be mad at me, no need. I had many loopholes to fill with that money. He shouldn’t be mad, above all I am thankful.”

After facing endless trolls and criticism from Netizens, Omosh has come out to speak for the first time.

He said that he is not forcing anyone to contribute money to him but insisted that all the financial donations he received a few months ago were used to settle his debts.

“Mashida huwa haziishi. Nilikuwa na madeni mingi sana,” he said.

Omosh, who appeared drunk, further thanked all those who have supported him and even invited them to a goat eating party that will be held when he opens his new home in Malaa along Kangundo Road.

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