Aga Khan Hospital In Kisumu Accused Of Killing Their Own Nurse Caroline Mwenesi


Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu is on the spot after being accused by one of their workers for killing a nurse by the name Caroline Mwenesi.

According to a confession shared by one Robert Alai, nurse Caroline Mwenesi was killed by Kisumu’s Aga Khan hospital after she was forced to go for an MRI scan despite protesting due to health reasons.

This is how the post shared by Mr. Robert Alai read:

“Hello Alai. Robert I write this with a heavy heart. My hospital administration Aga khan hospital Kisumu, where I work killed one of our staff a very sweet nurse called Caroline Mwenesi.

She was a critical care nurse who nursed baby Pendoif you can remember the case.

Mwenesi was 53 at the time of her death (31/7/2021) yesterday.

She had worked for the hospital for 10+ years and she had developed a back problem ( Lumbar spondylosis) meaning she couldn’t do the normal nursing duties so she was doing modified duties ( Audits). The CEO Jane Wanyama and the nursing director Elizabeth Kamau felt she was a burden and gave her an ultimatum either to resign, be fired or have surgery on her spine so that she resumes normal duty.


One of the things that were to be done before surgery was a spine MRI. Mwenesi had repeatedly told anyone who could hear that she did not want the MRI leave alone the surgery because she had a near death experience when she had an MRI a while ago. She tried pushing the MRI till last week when the nursing director told her if she doesn’t do the MRI she would be fired. Mwenesi was a Widow and still had a family she was taking care off so she couldn’t afford to lose the Job so she caved and went for the MRI under sedation.

The Medical director who is anaesthetist was the one doing the sedation and assured her he will do it well and she will be fine. On the 31/7/21 Friday Mwenesi walked to the hospital accompanied by her daughter for the MRI but still in doubt. During the MRI under sedation she went into cardiac arrest.

We did resuscitation at our ER. At this time the same Nursing director (Kamau) and the CEO (Wanyama) the Same people who forced her to go for the procedure came in crying.

She Was taken to the ICU and unfortunately we lost her yesterday the 31/7/2021. Alai tell me am wrong or did the hospital directly cause the death of this amazing woman?” Concluded the post in reference to Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu.

In the meantime, the hospital is yet to give their side of the story on the same.

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