Bribery, Sex & Deceit: High Octane Scandal at Telkom Kenya


A tender to connect 6 hospitals to Government of Kenya National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI) Network is raising rubble at the state-owned Telkom Kenya.

The TENDER NO: MOICT/SDICT/100/2019-2020 nominated Prime Telcomms as the preferred subcontractors, with whom Telkom Kenya had to partner with in order to win the tender, which Telkom agreed to, and won.

The service delivery manager, a relative of the CTIO, took advantage and demanded a bribe of 200K which Prime Telecoms gave, but reported to their handlers at the ministry. An email addressing Mugo Kibati, who is Telkom CEO shows

Dear Mugo Kibati,

Am a concerned citizen and a public officer, responsible for certain projects. Your service delivery manager Kibet Kipmurgor Maurice solicited a bribe of KES 200,000.00 from Prime Telecoms; which he claimed was on behalf of the Telkom project manager. 

The Prime Telecom representative gave the money to Kibet. Later Prime Telecom contact followed up with project manager who apparently had not asked for the bribe. Was the Money returned? Why did your managers cover up? Were they beneficiaries? 

The tender self-declaration form clearly stated that Telkom employees, their agents, partners and subcontractors must not engage in corrupt practices. This will certainly lead to disbarment. There are more than 5 people in Telkom, three of them senior managers who are fully aware of this matte will be the 1st to volunteer this information to you? Time to find out which of your executives are ethical trustworthy.

Aldo Mareuse, former Telkom Kenya CEO. He was appointed in June 2016 replaced in November 2018

Mugo’s hands are tied

Mugo is aware, but he can’t do anything since the CTIO John Barorot, who is Tangatanga (DP William Ruto’s Jubilee Party wing) affiliated is powerful & backed by Board member Jinaro Kibet and Esther Koimet.

Jerome also protects Prime Telecoms since they are his backchannel.

The CTIO John Barorot is retiring by April 2021. He had signed a deal for an online charging system (OCS) worth Sh740 million where he was to get a cut of 10% (Sh74 million). The CEO Mugo Kibati found out those plans, suspended the project and blocked him from approvals, pending his exit.


The CTIO orchestrated the ouster of the former CEO.

Former CEO had also caught John Barorot stealing funds meant for network expansion, through a company registered in Greece/ Cyprus.

John Barorot was also bribed by Chinese Tech firm Huawei. Huawei built him a house in North Rift.

When he was caught, he ganged up with Jinaro Kibet, Henry Rotich, Esther Koimet and ousted Aldo Mareuse, a French national whom Mugo Kibati replaced.

During the Airtel-Telkom intended merger, CTIO assisted in driving up voice traffic through simboxing / call termination to shore up revenues to improve interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). The Indians found out. And Mugo and John started falling out, after John discovered they intended to drop him after the merger

Maurice Kipmurgor, John Barorot, Henry Rotich, Jinaro Kibet are related and come from the same area in North Rift.

John Barorot, Chief Technical and Information Officer (CTIO) Telkom Kenya

Armed are dangerous.  They have the protection of the now-retired director of police operations Hnery Barmao

John Barorot is the brother in law to the owner of Lavington Security, whose son is a fiber contractor at Telkom Kenya. Through whom they embezzle Telkom funds by inflating fiber BOQs.

That is the story of the Kalenjin Mafia, Mugo is beholden to.

Mugo is also trying to setup a parallel system through his proxy, Julius Cheptiony (formerly of IBM) & and a firm called Tospay.

Julius Cheptiony, the director of corporate affairs and strategy is dating the CHRO Catherine Olaka, a married woman. They fire anyone who gets in their way, by any means

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