Why Business Daily Was Forced To Pull Down Myspace Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira’s Story


One thing about Kenyan journalists especially the business scribes is lack of background check on a ‘success’ story. We’ve seen many fraud characters sold as ultimate success only to turn out later as scams after swindling the unsuspecting public.

Media instead of digging deep into their stories before publishing, will but things from the surface and run with it as the truth. Same githeri media has found romantic words to describe scammers, words like city, flamboyant businessman graces headlines without going behind to establish existence of such businesses. Most of these people are frauds of the planet.

In Kenya you can be anything as long as you get some malnourished journalist to comb your dirty past/background and paint you as a saint. Getting yourself profiles on business journals and dailies like Nation’s Business Daily is always a plus to cloth a shady past and walk around like the savior.

If you do your background check for example on all the real estate scams that have hit Kenya, you’ll realize one common factor, the duping projects were at one point pushed and overhyped by the media. It’s in every legitimate and fraudster investment company to run to the media and capture the naive public who have complete interest in mainstream media and buys anything they sell. What they forget is, the mainstream never does any background check and if they do, they’ll blur the dirt if they’re paid well.

24th March, 2020, Business Daily carried one of those rags to riches stories about one Mwenda Thuranira, the proprietor of MySpace Real Estate Company, a motivating story from a fave value. It painted a picture of a poor man who started off as a casual labourer to being a real estate mogul, on a normal day, this doesn’t happen but the uniqueness of the story gave it a news value and that’s how it ended up being on papers.

Something unusual happened, Business Daily, pulled down the story from its online platform, hours after it had been posted.

This was the initial post on Twitter.
NMG quickly withdrew the post from it’s official website.

So the question remains; what really happened and what did BD realize later that they didn’t know of prior on Thuranira.


First for those who’ve been on the inter webs long enough must have the hack jobs he did while in the US and the tea that was all over from the diaspora some years back (we will revisit this next). He plainly lied to illiterate BD writer that he was a casual worker. For someone who comes from the privileged wealthy family of the father KRA commissioner Francis Thuranira who died in a mysterious accident accident, this dude went overboard with his web of lies.

BD ran a story, How a casual labourer built real estate empire (it has since been deleted)

In the story, it illustrates how Thuranira manages properties worth Sh25B (not his but his clientele). This part was to stamp his authority in the market.

In the BD story, he elaborated having worked in the travel and tourism industry but as a customer service agent for an international service company. This is where he starts conflicting his stories. This dude keeps flipping his stories with every interview he does raising concerns over what he’s really hiding. His story is never the same. Traits of a fraudster. For instance:

Same person, different publications, different stories.

It’s not on a normal day that the Business Daily pulls down a story, promise a review and months later it hasn’t happened. It can only tell one story about the character in review and that’s for you to wonder why and for NE to tell toy why. We continue shortly.

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