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EXCLUSIVE: New Details In DP Ruto’s Money Laundering Web, Terror Affiliation, Link To Erick Prince And Equity Bank’s Role


Money Laundering 

The rift seems to be widening on Deputy President William Ruto after international intelligence networks exposed his money laundering and gunrunning activities across the globe. These erupted after his ‘one phone call’ admission to Equity bank CEO James Mwangi to help secure Sh15 billion loan to a Turkish investor in Uganda of which have made Central Bank of Kenya and other international agencies fighting money laundering to put Equity bank on radar.

James Mwangi. Photo | Courtesy

This lead was revealed by Interior CS Fred Matiang’i before the National Assembly’s security committee sitting in Mombasa following deportation drama of one of DP Ruto’s affiliate Turkish Aydin Harun over involvement in criminal activities that included money laundering and gun-running. A circus that Ruto defended to the extent that he apologized on behalf of the government for the mistreatment and deportation of Harun Aydin the terror suspect. But Matiang’i insisted that Aydin was an international criminal and was being harbored by Ruto when several countries have red alert on Aydin for his criminal activities.

Turkish terror suspect Harun Aydin.

Emerging information has it that money laundering and gun running activities were the subject of discussion between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan in the Turkish capital, Ankara on June 18,2021.

Turkey’s President(left) with Kenya’s President (Right)

Insiders aware of the developments revealed to Nairobi Exposed that Uhuru had attended the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Ankara, Turkey when he held closed door talks with Erdogan over Ruto’s illegal activities that’s undermining his administration legacy and fight against graft.

Their discussion followed reports by the National Intelligence Organization (  Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı, MIT) which’s the state’s intelligence agency that had from June intercepted communications between crooked Turkish businessmen, Ruto and some government officials.

In the declassified report from MIT headquarters in Kale (The castle) building in Etimesgut, Ankara, Ruto was implicated in a web of money laundering involving several Turkish and Syrian businessmen who also supplied arms to illegal groups.

The MIT report showed over $830 million had been wired to several accounts in Turkey and Canary Islands by September 2019 from Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar. These shady transactions were first raised by Israeli intelligence, Mossad which shared the brief with Ankara and Nairobi. One of the beneficiaries of the hefty transfers was identified as Mudalal Khuri, a Russian national living in the outskirts of Ankara and who is under Israeli intelligence radar for money laundering and gunrunning.

Besides money laundering, Mudala is on Mossad’s radar over arms trafficking which end up in the hands of Hamas, a Palestinian grouping Israel claims is a terrorist organization. Since 2018, insiders added, Kenya’s investigative agencies had placed DP Ruto on their radar after arms dealing that took place at his Harambee House Annex office that involved former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and which led to the murder of the only key witness Sgt Kenei who was on duty and in control on the security detail.

They intensified their surveillance after the May 31 2019, directive by Uhuru demonetizing the old Sh1000 bank note over suspicions that Ruto had stashed billions of shillings in his residence or those of his cronies. The government issued 122- day notice ahead of full withdrawal of its old Sh1000 bank notes out of circulation by October 1 2019. At the time CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge had expressed grave concern over illicit financial flows. Insiders revealed that during demonetization, the state agency were trailing Ruto’s money flow to Uganda, Congo, Zanzibar, Somalia, South Sudan and Tanzania. 

With past Presidential campaigns in Uganda, Ruto endeared himself to President Yoweri Museveni who was facing a serious political storm from opposition candidate Bobi Wine, he donated hundreds of millions to Museveni’s kitty besides offering him two helicopters for one month and also accompanied him on a campaign trail.

Ruto with Uganda’s Museveni on the campaign trail.

Earlier there was William Ruto Leadership Institute when on December 21 2019, the DP traveled to Uganda to lay the foundation stone of William Ruto’s institute of African Leadership studies at the Makerere University.

Ruto and Museveni during the launch of fraudulent vaccine making plant in Uganda.

According to reports, Ruto looped in Aydin to facilitate the transfer of billions of shillings to Tanzania via Zanzibar and another Sh25 billion wired to a bank in Uganda from Turkey. But all this time, intelligence agencies were monitoring his financial transactions including those of his surrogates. Ruto also looped into Ugandan tycoon Matthias Magoola of Dei Pharmaceuticals Company and this is the businessman who he negotiated a Sh15 billion loan from Equity Bank using the single phone call.

Fraudulent Ugandan businessman Matthias Magoola of Dei Pharmaceuticals Company .

But sources revealed to Nairobi Exposed that the hyped Dei Pharmaceuticals is blacklisted in Europe and the US for doing business with Safari Limited, a Turkish firm that imported explosives that caused blast in Beirut. Dai Pharmaceuticals has Magoola as founder and Kellen Kamurungi as executive director.


According to reports , the financial facility extended to Magoola of Dei Pharm by Equity Bank was conspiracy to sneak to Kenya Sh25billion trapped in Uganda for Ruto’s campaigns. This explains the fury exhibited by the Deputy President when he was barricaded from flying to Uganda which resulted to deportation of Harun Aydin. The desperation for money and his sources have been jeopardized. He is in Limbo.

Allegedly, Aydin seems to have spilled the beans to secure his freedom from the Kenyan Authorities in relation to Ruto’s money laundering and gunrunning deals. 

The detectives established that during Ruto’s July 6 private visit to Uganda, he met two men and a woman, all Turkish Nationals. Two of the foreigners Hamit Demir, a holder of passport number U23165848 and Mehmet Akif Bagle, a holder of passport number U11979628 had flown from Nairobi’s JKIA to Entebbe on the same day.

They had applied for Ugandan visas while in Kenya and since there are no direct flights between Entebbe and Instanbul, the Turkish capital, travelers have to go through Kigali, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Nairobi or Doha. The two departed JKIA at around 8.30 am and arrived in Entebbe international airport at around  9.50 am, according to source.

It has now emerged that Uganda’s Financial intelligence authority has frozen Dei Pharmaceuticals accounts on suspicions of money laundering, a move that’s said to have made President Museveni furious that state figures in government have undermined his authority by stopping inflows of billions of shillings to the company’s accounts.

This isn’t the first time Ruto is been linked to money laundering as there were reports he was in Tanzania together with Don Bosco Gichana who was arrested over money laundering and spent years rotting in Tanzanian jails before being released. 

His staunch supporters believe these reports and total fabrication to portray the second in command as unreliable, corrupt, greedy, terrorist guarantor and most of all to diminish his 2022 presidency ambitions. He has mastered the art of war and power that he has created a cult-like following but dishing out billions of shillings to poor citizens not through government projects but personal pocket. He has become the philanthropist in Kenya and controls masses through his laundered money to buy people’s power.

Since 2018 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and chief opposition Raila Odinga, DP Ruto’s misfortunes have escalated with his key allies being arrested to face graft charges, tax evasion and incitement charges, some as witch-hunt and some as justifiable. 

Court Battles and possible Link with American Erick Prince.

Ruto has been fighting several court cases but one stands out as the mega-scandal of all — Kenya Civil Aviation Authority land which he illegally acquired near Wilson Airport to construct his Weston Hotel and of which he also wanted to grab land of the nearby Langata Primary school which students, school staff and public protested for years.

Lang’ata Primary students demonstrating against the grabbing of their school land by Ruto. Using police force, the kids were tear gassed and clobbered.

Detectives seems to be also seeking to establish if Ruto has links with American Erik Prince following claims they were scheduled to have virtual meeting when DP was in Uganda. The choice of Uganda as the virtual connection point was to ensure the Kenyan government remained in the dark. Erick is an American who had close ties with former US President Donald Trump, the latter even appointing his sister, Betsy DeVos as Education secretary. Prince is known for creating private military forces around the world.

Erick Prince.

He is a former US Navy seal who founded Blackwater, a company that has morphed into the creation of private military forces all over the world. These forces are used to protect high ranking criminals and top secret cargo such as drugs and weapons that are bought by guerilla forces over the world. Prince owns Phoenix Aviation which has a private hanger at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

Peculiarly, a flight manifest belonging to Phoenix Aviation showed that Ruto was supposed to use a private jet on flight number Jadestar 12 to land in Uganda. He was to use a Cessna 560XL registered using tail number 5Y WHB of which had been prepared for Ruto and his entourage.

At Wilson Airport, the private hanger owned by Phoenix Aviation was registered as belonging to Ruto. In accordance to sources, Prince’s latest move to modify crop dusters to militarised war planes that can be used for aerial attacks and even launch missiles. Prince is said to have been hired by many African leaders to quash militarised rebellions such as those in the West and South Sudan and prince’s private military has been involved in high profile  assassinations.

Prince, a security contractor had close ties with Trump that during Trump’s tenure, Prince was accused of aiding recruitment  of former American and British spies, recruited a former MI6 agent, Richard Seddon, to help run a 2017 sting at the Michigan headquarters of the American Federation of Teachers. In Africa, Prince tried to help a renegade general take control of Libya and at the very least helped evade a UN arms embargo on the country, according to UN inspectors. He planned to help Khalifa Haftar, a general from Eastern Libya who launched war in April 2019 to overthrow the UN-backed government in Tripoli.

These crackdown on Ruto has seen several of his local and foreigners tycoon affiliates in the country admit their defection from his camp in a bid save themselves and their corrupt history from wrath of the authorities. His known corrupt Asian friends have backed off the scene and are now on the opposition as they believe their loyalty to him is Loyalty to Satan to save their business and deportation.

Read about the terror links here.

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