Exposed: Employee mistreatment, terror and tax evasion of JKIA – based Kijani Holdings


There is a scam which normally happens at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) inside terminal 1A. 

There’s a company that trades at the depatures section. It has branded itself as Wrap n Board Kenya though its registered as Kijani Holdings. 

The firm has offices in Langata next to KWS Offices. They share the same gate. 

The company deals with wrapping services which is it core business, but also sell bags to passengers whose weight exceeds the requirement by the various airlines. 

Now the problem is, the minimum standard price for wrapping is Sh750 per item. But that’s not the case, we are forced to charged double and even tripple that amount depending on the race of the customer.

This is done so as to meet the company’s daily target, failure to which one is forced to work for 24hrs. The company also deducts some money from the salary. 

For instance, africans pay Sh1500 per bag but europeans pay Sh750. But we are forced to cut the names on the receipts and also the quantity of items to avoid passangers from detecting anything fishy. 

Mind you that some bags must be wrapped due to thier condition and like now its raining some passangers cry they don’t have money but u have to charge them Sh1500 inorder to secure your job. 


You will be shocked to learn that if a customer has exceeded the required weight, he has to buy a bigger bag which goes for less than Sh2000; the customer has to buy it at Sh1000, also a small bag of Sh800 in town the exact bag is Sh4000. 

Tax evasion

The company receipts have no Value Added Tax calculations, hence, they don’t pay taxes

They make close to Sh8million per month untaxed. However, when a staff doesn’t meet the target he is not only threatened with a sack, the management can even threatened them with a gun. 

A director known as Daniel Gaiti is notorious for flashing his gun

He claims to be a distant relative to the first family, something which we highly doubt.

He claims to have connections at Kenya Airways (KQ) and the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA). 

The company’s activities really make KQ loose a lot of revenue. They also harrassdesperate passengers.

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