How Busia Sugar MD and Son Swindled Twitter Account From Developer


Troubled Busia Sugar Industries top management has tried to swindle their twitter and facebook accounts that a top professional developed, maintained and ran for the multi-billion shillings company for more than three years with no single cent in pay.

The crux of the matter is that trouble begun when the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ali Ahmed Taib demanded that the professional surrenders the handles to him and his son to operate at a fee.

The entities that are now estimated to be worth more than Shs. 5.1 million with a growing multitude of followers appears to have become a powerful business and communications tool for the company.

The troubled sugarcane miller, the first in Busia County for which the developer and manager of this accounts played a leading role in its endless battles with competing rivals who were out to kill it in its infancy led by the powerful and deadly Rai Group is now crudely being thrown out.

According to inside reports, Taib had demanded that the establisher and handler/manager of the accounts surrenders them to the company management at with a compensation of the efforts of what he had done for the company since their establishment.

“It all came to a paltry Kshs. 100, 000 when the total cost over the years is supposed to have been the total amount invested, maintenance, professional in-put over the years among others, but after agreeing on this figure it became a con game,” said the insider.

He said and Mr. Taib confirmed that the guy was invited by him to come to Nairobi where he has multi-billion shillings business interests to conclude the deal as the guy first transferred everything to Taib and his son to handle after which the con action became clear.


The Source said: “after the guy had done his transfer actions Taib asked his son whether the gentleman was done and on confirmation only gave him Kshs. 20, 000 prompting him to protest after which Taib added him some Ksh10,000 and promised to clear the balance which according to him looks like he had been conned.”ALSO READ  Top Nation Media Columnists Resign Over Lack Of Editorial Independence

Taib is now un-compromising with knowledge that he and his son were now in total control of the handles. Trouble has just begun.

That is because emerging details clearly indicate that the control of the handles have been wrestled back and Taib’s son and his PR Manager Steve Mulaa who had been keyed as Facebook page Busia Sugar Industry administrators locked out for total failure for them to honour their part of the deal and the page name changed to “Farmers Advocacy Club” with more than 3000 followers therefore further action to take place as Taib tries to fight back.

The BSI is currently facing serious problems with its contracted sugarcane farmers for its failure to honour its contractual obligations – matters that have become not only extra sensitive to the local farmers, residents, stakeholders but also the government.

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