KANAIRO! Kenyans Narrate How They’ve Been Conned In Fake Job Vacancies


Unemployment is a bitch so they say, as you read this, you’re either jobless employed but with a tail of stories. Because of desperation, many jobless people have been taken advantage of by conmen who’re always scheming and changing tactics to rob the unsuspecting job seekers.

Below are some testimonials from Kenyans on what they’ve been through in the hands of these ever conniving people.

This is where the whole conversation started.

Risan Farrah: I had a friend alipelekwa Hadi gigiri , akapewa workstation. Alikuliwa 400k kuget hio job . The nigga was reporting to gigiri for three straight months Hadi with no pay , kumbe they fixed him as an unpaid intern .. ogopa kanairo.. by the time he realised he was conned , he was told to vacate the premises since the internship period ended. The culprits walipotea hivyo , they changed numbers.

Dan Masoni: Kuna Job Interview was advertised and the requirements were a Laptop and a Phone. On the interview day they were told to leave laptops and phones at the reception first floor and go for a quick IQ test Fourth Floor, sema kurudi kupata hakuna Laptops, Phones plus even the cute innocent looking Receptionist.

Lorianka Kiwara: This also happened to me when I saw an advert of UN advertised vacancies kumbe Ni conmen and when it the time of interview ,they emailed that I should pay ksh 700 to em mpesa.. uzuri nikajichanua,I googled UN headquarters in Nairobi customer care number and when I called them, they said they weren’t aware of any job adverts and me paying anybody for a job in UN offices will be my own risk. nikampikia huyo conman kumtusi 😁😁
Nafkiri hatawai sahao

Damian Mwei: I almost fell in their trap in 2019- a “mzungu” from Save the Children send me an email saying I had successfully been shortlisted for a Regional Manager position & purportedly was to be posted to Malawi…..the catch was that I was supposed to pay $140 for a certain test to get the job, I dropped everything at that point. I sensed danger….Very smart fraudsters.


Tuva Kenga: Nairobi haki ni shamba la mawe!When some of us sing that “Umetutoa mbali” song, we mean it. Katika harakati ya kutafuta kazi baada ya kufuzu na degree in 1997, I bumped into this job opportunity advertisement in a daily newspaper which I applied to. Few days later I got a call being invited for an interview. One of the requirements for interview was sh. 1, 500 for medical check-up, a brief case, four suits and a short (KINYASA).

On that fateful Monday morning, I arrived for the interview – in a certain ki- building na uko Ojijo Road, Westy. There was no any other tenant in that building. Actually, the building interior finishing had not been done.

So kufika pale, tulikuwa mtu kama 40. They had tried to make the place look like an upcoming office. We were told the offices are new and they were in the process of acquiring furniture and other office items. There was a nice carpet, a few seats, etc. Around saa nne, all the interviewees tukaitwa common area. We were told that we would begin with medical test before the main interview. So, for better results, we were told that we needed to jog for like 10 minutes before damu itolewe. There was a place huko upstairs for jogging which had been prepared for us.

So, tukaambiwa mtu atoe nguo zenye ako nazo avae short – remember everyone had carried one. We were also shown a secure place, ground floor where we would place our suit cases with four suits and the one that we were wearing – alafu sote tukapanda huko juu tukaanza ku jog. Kila mtu na kinyasa, wengine boxer, some had vests, others didn’t have any. 😂😂😂😂

We were told to keep jogging watatuita down-stairs mmoja mmoja.

Wueh, wacha tu-jog. Wacha tu sweat, 30 minutes later, hakuna mtu ameitwa downstairs for the test….I started sensing danger! With another guy, we decided to go downstairs…. Butwaaaa…. We found an empty room…. Not even the carpet, floor ni kokoto… Kumbe it is an abandoned building! Kumbe as we were jogging huko juu, tulikuwa tunasanywa down stairs…. we had left all our belongings kwa suitcases down stairs. They had made it mandatory for everyone to have a suitcase, four suits and sh 500.

You should have seen a group of 40 young men in the streets of Westlands without shirts, without trouser, without shoes, tukielekea Parklands Police Station ku-report vile tume- coniwa. The drama that was in the station is a story for another day. Wale karao kwa OB as we narrated our ordeal walikuwa wanacheka wanaangusha gun! How we got nguo za kuvaa and fare to go back home ni Mungu tu anajua. Tarmacking chronicles.

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