Kingsway Group of Companies Accused Of Grabbing Ex-Minister’s Prime Plots In Nairobi


A firm associated to the Kingsway Group of Companies, Kingsway Industrial Park Limited has been adversely implicated in clandestine grabbing of three multi-billion parcels of land belonging to the late former powerful minister Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi, an investigation report by the National Land Commission (NLC) in our possession shows.

Investigations by The Informer further shows the Kingsway Industrial Park Limited was originally known as Real Industrial Park Limited before mutating to its current name at the Registrar of Companies at the State Law Office, Sheria.

According to the investigation report dated March 28, 2019, NLC Directorate of Legal and Enforcement and Investigations and Forensic Services, LR. Nos 209/11289, 209/1128 and L.R Nos. 209/11287 legitimately belong to Staren Enterprises Limited, Chikoo Investments Limited and Abhishek Investments Limited associated to Oyugi and now being held by his son Job Okuna Oyugi who is the administrator and director of the estate.

However, Real Industrial Park Limited, now Kingsway Industrial Park Limited lay claim on the three parcels of land.

Records show that Kingsway Holdings Limited, Manishkumar Ramniklal Shah and Growth Management Limited as the directors of Real Industrial Park, Kingsway Industrial Park Limited.

Interestingly, controversial businessman Raju Sanghani allegedly sold Real Industrial Park Limited to Manish Shah, Manoj Shah, Sanjay Shah and Mahendra Shah in 1994.

Some of the title deeds held by Real Industrial Park Limited have since been charged in banks as collateral for bank loans.

The investigation findings recommended immediate revocation of titles held by Kingsway Industrial Park Limited terming them a forgery.

“In view of the fore goings in the acquisition of LR. Nos 209/11289, 209/1128 and L.R Nos. 209/11287 it evident that the parcels were stolen registered through falsification of documents and therefore all fraudulent. I would recommend that all the titles currently held for LR. Nos 209/11289, 209/1128 and L.R No. 209/11287 cancelled under Section 79(2) of the Land Registration Act No.3 of 2012.” The report says in part.


According to records, L.R. No. Nos 209/11289209/11287 and L.R. No 209/11288 are registered under Abhishek Investments Limited, Staren Enterprises Limited and Chickoo Investments Limited respectively.

The probe report into the alleged land grabbing was prepared by the late NLC Deputy Director Investigations and Forensic Services Antipas Nyanjwa.

Nyanjwa collapsed and died at a city hotel in April 2021. Autopsy report showed the famous crime buster died from heart attack and had just recovered from Covid-19.

However, insiders said the then 52-year-old had been expressing fears for his life over his investigations into land cartels. He reported his concerns to his supervisors.

He had been instrumental in pinpointing forged documents and other problems in the disorganised lands registry known for cartels and fabricated documents.

As an acclaimed document examiner who nailed key masterminds of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and had a long serving history at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters before joining NLC as a document examiner.

“On checking with the Registrar of Companies as to the ownership of Real Industrial Park the commission discovered that Kingsway Holdings Limited, Manishkumar Ramniklal Shah and Growth Management Limited as the directors and the company had changed names from Real Industrial Park Limited to Kingsway Industrial Limited after the intervention of National Land Commission.” The report adds.

For the three parcels, the report says Real Industrial Park now Kingsway Industrial Park Limited did not provide evidence of purchase, payment of stamp duty land rates or land rent, payment for purchase or sale agreement preparation between them and bonifide owners of the disputed parcels; Abhishek Investments Limited, Staren Enterprises Limited and Chickoo Investments Limited respectively.

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