NSE Chairman Kiprono Kittony Involved In KEMSA Heist


Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Chairman Kiprono Kittony was involved in the KEMSA Emergency Procurement for Covid-19 scandal.

The former Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) CEO was paid Sh180 million through a firm called Duke Agencies Limited. 

Documents seen by, however, doesn’t specify what Duke Agencies supplied to be given such an amount.

Kittony’s term at KNCCI ended in June 2020, he was succeeded by Megascope founder and crooked businessman Ricahrd Ngatia.

Megascope was paid Sh1.1 billion in the same KEMSA Emergency Procurement for Covid-19 programme which turned out to have flouted procurement rules, where some firms were overplayed, and others supplied air.

Personal Protective Equipment and COvid-19 test kits donated by Chinese Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jack Ma were hijacked and redirected from KEMSA warehouses by powerful and well-connected businessmen like Richard Ngatia and Kiprono Kittony.

Afya House Cartels, KEMSA and the Kenyan National Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) officials have been accused of colluding to benefit from the fight against the pandemic.

It is alleged that as the COVID-19 crisis was ravaging China, in early January, KNCCI Chairman Richard Ngatia used his access to high-level international intelligence that is available to the Kenyan Presidency, to import a lot of the testing kits and PPEs that would be critical, before the lockdown of airspace around the World.

At first while were were still struggling to understand the virus, people like Ngatia were already prepared to ‘sell the kits back to the public at a profit’, to ‘make a killing’.


Remember that the Nairobi Hospital and Lancet were charging exorbitantly, but that talk has died down, however, tests are are still ongoing, albeit under confusion as the mainstream media is not reporting anything.

The connection between Kiprono and Ngatia might be one of mutual-crookedness.

For a curious and keen onlooker, the rot runs deep and sometimes, those who make the most noise that they were not involved in the looting, might just have been the masterminds and are deep in it.

We say, if you are keen, you will notice a pattern and that pattern is sometimes very telling but most people chose to ignore. It is not their fault, sometimes the media too, tries to divert attention from the real corruption by such headlines as, ‘Covid-19 loot in the counties will shock you’.

Kenyans need to know their real enemies, because as lockdown and curfew were imposed, some people got very rich. As curfew and lockdown and cessation of movement were imposed, some politicians got very rich. As curfew and lockdown were imposed, and some Kenyans suffered death at the hands of police for not wearing masks, some politicians and their surrogates stole money meant to buy free sanitizers and masks

It is already clear to see that all these parastatals are surrounded by politicians who mercilessly loot and eat with their girlfriends. In other countries, rich people are those who have invented things and own industries which employ people especially the youth, but in Kenya, it is the opposite. Politicians are the ones who are rich in Kenya because they easily loot from the public and go scott-free.

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