Worst Experience Flying With Renegade Air To Kisumu


I travelled by Renegade Air – the new kid on the block – from Kisumu to Nairobi. Gosh! It was bad!

I was like welcome to Amarica and then I was like holy molly!

Renegade Air. I did not know about this airline. I saw images on Facebook. I got curious. Look, I have always loved Jambojet. It just works. No drama. It is clean. Strict on time. It is a budget airline that easily ticks all the boxes.

Renegade Air. I don’t know the exact number in the fleet. But Gosh! The plane I got unlucky to board was LOUD. The panels, beat and crying with grime, rattle like a Tuk Tuk.

I had Bose 35 headphones, the perfect tech for the noisiest of surroundings. Even Bose to was like ‘where the hell are we?!’ Pits of Hell, Bose! Pits of hell!

I sat by the window; the blades squeak. I kept saying to myself. Don’t break like twigs. Just stay there. Don’t drop off like bird poo.

Renegade Air. The plane is beat. And dirty. The seats are so worn out; the leather looks like the thighs of a 90-year old elephant. It is true.

I know getting a newer plane might have been costly. But surely. Why couldn’t they rip out those sweat-oil-filled seats. Scrub them clean. Get a good stitching company to redo the covers?


The headrest covers are cartoonish. Poorly stitched.

How about the floor? The carpet is grimy. It is chipped. You can see mud and soil particles – a gutterish mess. Dear me!

I am so shook and pissed at the standards on that plane. I have now been reliably told that Renegade Air is a mere rebrand of Silverstone Air – the calamitous airline that had several accidents and near misses.

And it is not a cheap flight. It is not 2000. My to-Kisumu trip was 4800 by Jambojet. This one was 5000 to Nairobi.

I kept asking myself questions. Is this plane airworthy? Please tell me, KCAA! May be they know so well…about the corners cut. But hey they look away – as they always do.

But Renegade serves soda and biscuits. A very kind gesture. A beautiful gesture that unfortunately doesn’t take away the downsides.

Like I said, I hope this plane is an isolated case. I hope they have cleaner, better looking planes. In which case, they need to take this one we boarded to the car wash. It needs detailing; a rubbing. A jet of water.

It needs to be fixed. The parts need to be replaced. Because it is terrible. Tuk Tuk on the skies.

Anyway. Business is hard. I hope this is honest feedback and if it reaches them, they’ll do something.


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