Astonishing Amount Of Money Lilian Ng’ang’a Fled With From Governor Mutua


When Kenny Rodgers sang the country music hit Bar in Tuledo, he might have sang it to describe what Governor Alfred Mutua of Machakos is undergoing. In the song Rodgers narrates the trepidations of a man who had been left by his wife, Lucy. Seated at a bar in Toledo, Rodgers sings, he was joined by a woman who told him that she is not a quitter but has after many years decided to quit her marriage. As they chatted, Rogers saw a man on the mirror approaching. The man looked out of place in that

He headed straight to where Rodgers and the woman were sitting. His hands were caroused and he looked like a mountain and trembling so hard Rodgers thought the man was going to have a heart attack. Thinking that the man was about to give him a beating, Rodgers sings, he nearly died. “You’ve picked a five time to leave me Lucy,” the man then left. Now that Mutua is just about to start his presidential campaigns having declared his candidature, Mutua’s wife Lillian has picked a fine time to leave Mutua. The worst bit of it all being that Lilian is the one who had been handling Mutua’s campaign kitty money that was kept in the custody of her mother.

Alfred MutuaIt is said that Mutua fearing that detectives would easily trace his loot if he kept it in the custody of his relatives in Ukambani, had put it in the name of his wife’s mother. Although in the announcements they made separately they said that they had decided to part amicably and that they would remain friends, it is understood that Lilian and Mutua are not in talking terms. Efforts by Mutua to try to find out the fate of his hundreds of millions that are in the account of Lilian’s mother have hit a stone wall as his phone calls are not answered. It was not lost to observers that Lilian in her statement said that they had ended their “relation” with Mutua. Many said that she should have called it “marriage”.

Incidentally, the breakup did not come as a surprise to many who from the word-go had said it was just a matter of when noting that Lilian would leave Mutua. The marriage did not enjoy the support of many in Machakos because Mutua had abandoned his wife Josephine immediately he became governor in 2013.

According to Jennifer, the moment Mutua was declared the winner, he did not step into the house and he went ahead to rent a house where he bought new cloths and furniture and forgot everything in the matrimonial home.

Those who attended the swearing-in ceremony of Mutua where Kalonzo Musyoka was in attendance were shocked to see two children dressed in rags and dusty slippers make their way to the dais and head straight to Mutua who was in a new suit. As embarrassing as it was, Mutua took them between his legs like a father does. Josephine who had not even been invited to the ceremony had decided to play a malicious card and take the unwashed children whom she dressed with the most worn-out cloths and then told them to go and join their father whom they had not seen for a week. When it came Kalonzo’s time to speak, true to the man from Tseikuru, he referred to the children as “this wonderful children would now have a good future together with other children of Machakos under Mutua’s leadership”.

Mutua and Lilian during his 51st birthday celebration.

It was a remark dripping with sacarsm. Soon after Mutua assumed office, his wife Josephine left for Australia where she lives upto today and has instituted a divorce suit there. Incidentally, it was in Australia where Mutua met and married Josephine. You can thus imagine Josephine’s disappointment with Mutua that after all the years of struggling together, Mutua would ditch her the moment he became something. It is this ill treatment of Josephine that has left Kambas sympathising with her and seeing Mutua as a villain. Some have even drawn parallels between Josephine and Lilian and wondered what Mutua saw in Lilian that is not in Josephine because if it is beauty Josephine is more beautiful and if it is education, she is also more educated being as it is that she is a medical doctor. It is a tragedy that Josephine has never seen a coin from the Machakos county yet Lilian has pocketed
hundreds of millions of shillings.


Lilian came to Machakos a penniless woman with few pairs of well worn shoes and a one Sunday best outfit but she is leaving with a container full of shoes that she bought in Dubai and Singapore where Mutua used to take her for holidays every other month in his first term in office. It is worth noting that Mutua has never spent a weekend in Machakos ever since he became governor. Every Friday afternoon, after Mutua was on the way to Nairobi to catch a flight either to Mombasa or Dubai for the weekend. And in all those trips, he never goes alone as he must be accompanied by a woman.

Mwengi Mutuse

The women who have ever spent a night with Mutua are said to have kissed poverty bye-bye as for starters they are bought a Mercedes Benz that Mutua orders his chief of staff Mwengi Mutuse who also acts as his pimp, to organise. Mwengi then buys a Mercedes Benz at Sh2m in car bazaars and then tells Mutua that he bought the women a machine worth Sh6 million and then pockets the balance. Known as Dangote because of newfound wealth, Mwengi is said to be richer than Mutua by kilometres. That Mutua is a womaniser without peer being illustrated by the fact that even renowned womanisers like musician Ken wa Maria give him a thumbs up as they play catch up. In his song Mundu wa Sinema that he sang about Mutua being a man of make-believe gimmicks that have no bearing with reality, Wa Maria talks of sinema sya warembo. Indeed, it is said that soon Lilian will be replaced and even the new woman will not be the last. But it is the properties that Mutua and Lilian hold jointly which could be cause of contention between the two. Only last year, the two opened the three-star A and L Hotel in Machakos A being Alfred and L Lilian.

Johnstone Muthama

There is also the Gilian Hotel in Machakos town said to be a play of Nganga which is Mutua’s last name and Lilian. It is however the unseen assets in forms of bank accounts that could leave Mutua shedding tears. Lilian’s mother who had become the biggest contractor in Machakos county is said to be the biggest winner. The now forever mother-in-law would be paid for her LPOs first as a policy while the rest waited. There are even those who say that Lillian was waiting for Mutua’s tenure as governor to come to an end before dumping him and that she is doing it a year to polls so that she does not look like the gold digger by leaving Mutua after he leaves power. On a lighter note, there are those who have been joking that Kalonzo will now have amptejr ex-wife to field against his opponent like he did to Johnson Muthama when he fielded Muthama’s ex-wife Agnes Kavindu to challenge Muthama’s party in Machakos senate by-election. All in all, let us just say that Mutua was slayed. In social media, women were having a field day making digs at Mutua with one saying that Mutua should have known that this was Njeri from Nyeri.

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