Donald Kipkorir Cannot Afford To Pay His Rent Anymore, David Ndii Exposes Him


Lawyer Donald Kipkorir and Economist David Ndii’s Twitter wat and rivalrie is not going anywhere soon. It has been two weeks of exchanging jabs in what ended to the lawyer being baptized as Sonko Malong, a name that that bow stuck in many heads.

After Ndii wrestled down DBK into taking a sabbatical from internet, things turned against Ndii. Miguna jumped into the field knocking him down by baptizing him as Auma. This followed a comment that Ndii had made about Luos bring cheap. The name has since stuck.

DBK or as he’s known, Sonko Malong has been a subject of twitter trolls, on Thursday, they’re wads whole trending hashtag which was obviously sponsored to troll him.


While his foes had a fields day, DBK’s friends cane through for him in solidarity. “Hey guys, did you know DBK is a man who lives on his sweat. Did you know he has made it in life & it may take some of us decades to reach where he has. & there you are waiting for half a thousand bob to buy bundles to throw insults at a man who doesn’t even know you. Shinda hapo.” Wrote Philip Etale, ODM’s Communications Director.

It didn’t take long before Ndii swung into action with his custom vendetta, “Then why does he not pay his bills. As you sing his praises, can you ask him to disclose how many much office rent arrears he owes KEMU and why he abuses court process with injunction after injunction to ward of eviction?”

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