Sponsor Left Socialite Pendo With Sh200K Hotel Bill


Former Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo says a man she was dating led to her arrest after he refused to show up and clear a hotel bill.

Pendo made headlines in 2020 after she was arraigned at a Mombasa court for failing to pay a Sh208,000 bill at the English Point Marina hotel.

Speaking to Buzz Central, Pendo said she and her friend were invited to the expensive hotel by a prominent businessperson, who had promised to join them in a few days.

“I was seeing someone and this someone booked a flight for me and my friend, and booked us to the apartment complex,” she said.

“He was supposed to join us but said he couldn’t make it as he was busy. He said he could not make it due to ‘business’.”

The man was paying for their accommodation but it reached a point he said business was not going well.

“The balance that he was about to settle so we leave, he said he did not have it and that he needed to talk to the hotel. The hotel said they could not let us go.”

Pendo said the businessman did not manage to clear the debt, which was around Sh50,000.


“The bill continued to accumulate. The more he paid, the more we were being held since the bill was not cleared,” she said.

After the bill accumulated to over Sh200,000, the hotel called the police for them and the case was taken to court before magistrate David Odhiambo, who released her on a Sh100,000 bond or alternative cash bail of Sh35,000.

She said the reason she did not reveal the name of the businessman was that she was afraid she would be killed.

“I am a good person, he is a prominent businessperson, and I did not want to disappear because of 200k,” she said.

The businessman bailed her out and later settled the hotel bill after six months.

“While I was in court, he didn’t care coz the worst I could do was mention his name,” she said.

Pendo said she is dating someone else, although she will not reveal his face yet.

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