Zanzibar Woman Thought To Be Raila’s Side Chic Comes Clean On Them Cozying Up


Raila’s alleged side chic Sashona Mbote Seraphine has finally come out to explain viral photos showing her in a tight embrace with the ODM leader.

Seraphine shot to fame in November 2017 when photos of her and Raila cozying up to each other went viral on social media.

The photos were taken in Zanzibar at the same time president Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe took power after Robert Mugabe was overthrown.

Seraphine bumped into Raila at Park Hyatt hotel where he had checked in and she asked to take photos with him which she posted on social media.

“I celebrated #Zimbabwe With Baba,” Seraphine captioned her photos on Facebook.

Seraphine was immediately labeled Raila’s side chic after the photos she shared on Facebook went viral on the internet.

Many people speculated that she was dating the ODM leader because of the way they exhibited a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation in their posture.

Raila had his arm wrapped around Seraphine’s shoulders and she equally had her arms wrapped around his waist.

Fast forward to October 2021, Raila’s alleged side chic came out to explain how she ended up in a tight embrace with the ODM leader.

Sashona, who is a Kenyan living in Zanzibar, revealed that there were so many people in their company when the photos were taken.

She revealed that the photos were taken by billionaire Jimi Wanjigi when she spotted Raila inside a lobby at the Park Hyatt hotel in Zanzibar and asked to take photos with him.

The Zanzibar based tour operator further said that Raila was in the company of Wanjigi, Simon Leon, two other men and his bodyguards.

“Dear good and bad #Kenyans, I want to remind you that 2017 is gone, we are in 2021, actually on the 22nd of October I celebrated my 5th anniversary since the madness broke, what didn’t kill me in 2017 won’t do it now, and what makes you think it would, in fact I am forever greatful the government used me as bait paying media house to taint my name as they rigged elections and slide back into power like the smooth operators they are, then some of you concentrated on bullying me calling me all types of names coz of innocent pictures and a rotten regime that hates it’s women. And you slaves, you are calling me names to appease your oppressors to get jobs while you don’t even food for tonight? Your foolishness can be awarded with a PHD,” wrote Seraphine.


She added that;

“For me God turned it around, in fact it is the year I wanted to close Maridadi Tours www.maridaditours.co.tz but thanks to your insult, clients started flowing like a stream of river wanting to know who these girl was that took pictures with the #Enigma, forever greatful for the free marketing. And just so you know, the pictures were taken by Jimmy Wanjigi with my own phone when I asked, in the presence of Simon Leon Baba’s spokesman, his bodyguards and two men who were introduced to me as his friends, pictures taken in Park Hyatt Zanzibar Lobby you fools.

“If you had eyes you would see the waiter behind Baba’s right hand shoulder serving clients behind us sitting next to the Ocean, you can also see lights on the sea from ships that had docked, but coz nyinyi ubebwa akili kama the fools you are, from today you have my full permission to use those images as you wish. FOR SURE THE EYES 👀 ARE USELESS WHEN THE MIND IS BLIND.

“A lot of you have been sending me news about the same images being used all over again coz 2022 is an election year, I know you care and I would like to ask you to stop arguing with #Primitive people on social media when they choose to use my images to cover their trauma, trauma inflicted to them by the oppressive regime that makes them call me names, slaves are very special matters of primitive 😂.

“I am a strong #Women and there is nothing you and me can do to stop it. So allow the #Slaves to thrive in their misery, they are so broken by the #System that they only find joy attacking people they know not and worshipping their oppressors with the same #WRATH they use to insult me, I fail to wonder coz on #Sunday they are the most holy people yet they have no idea how many people they have sent to graves with their cyber bullying as will still be here posting oh #MentalHealth is real, oh God you have a task dealing with fools. The ones in Kenya are special educated fools.

“Last but not least, I bet it is time we accept that I will be used as bait every 5 years in #KenyanElections, like my dad told me in 2017, I will go down in #HistoryBooks and I am so greatful for that, to #AfricanWomen, our grandmothers were called names and some even did away with their careers, please don’t be like them, in fact wear that name like a #Soldier headed for war.

“Kenyan politics is shit since independence and I won’t be the one to educated, programmed, conditioned, indoctrinated slaves. See you in 2023 when you start sliding in activists inboxes asking us to speak up, for me, never again. EVERY MAN HAS A BREAKING POINT ENOUGH!”

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