Anerlisa Karanja Puts A Word To Her Mother’s Weight Loss


Anerlisa Muigai has responded to trolls hating on her mother’s body transformation. Slamming critics who tore into Tabitha Karanja’s weight loss photos, Muigai said the Keroche mogul, who on March 9 testified in the inquest into the death of Tecra, is off-limits.

Revealing her mother’s stunning body transformation, Muigai showed off her slimmed-down figure alongside that of Tabitha in a powerful image juxtaposed with that of her brother, Edward Muigai. “Leave my mum alone!!! Her weight loss is fine and it’s something we decided as a family that we all wanted to shed off excess weight. #HealthyLiving,” shared the NERO CEO in a post seen by Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle.

Sentiments that came days after she took to social media to distance herself from a company using her image to advertise a weight loss product. “With so many questions asking me if a certain product is aiding with weight loss…I have never used that product and I have no idea about it. Also if you are the one behind that product, I am giving you a warning to stop using my pictures and lying to people by using my before and after pictures,” she declared.

She had three months earlier told off one of her followers who accused her of lying about her weight loss journey. According to the Instagram user, Muigai underwent liposuction surgery. “I feel bad when honestly you lie to people that this is gym and food. Just tell people the truth instead of making us pay for an app that has fake results, it’s absolutely sad. If it’s liposuction you did tell us so that we can look for money and not fool us, it’s not fair, even before God,” read her follower’s stinging post.


Claims the businesswoman and personality vehemently denied. “I don’t even like to respond to this but I’ll do it today. Like I said yesterday, do you! If you feel like you want to go for surgery, do you. You don’t have to wait for an answer from me so you can start saving up? Do you! If my posts annoy you, you can also do yourself a favor by unfollowing me. My App does not force anyone to buy it. Those who have it know that you get real results, the only difficult part is you’ve got to be consistent which most people can’t and that’s why they get mad at those who can actually do it. Before I forget, I am in my 6th year since I began my journey. When do you plan to start yours again?” said Anerlisa.

Opening up about losing over 50kgs, Muigai three years ago noted that her journey was wrought with difficulty. “Two years later I never thought I would look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today, I am 66 kilograms from 124 kilograms. It’s not been easy but I made it. In January, I would like to give everyone who wants to lose weight a chance to do it my way and also do it with me.”

The message was bittersweet as she had to make an apology that same year following backlash over her comments about obese people. “If some of y’all would run as fast as you run your mouths, I am sure by the end of the year, you could be smaller than me. #ObesityIsAChoice,’’ she posted at the time.

Retracting the post, she shared her regret in how her words ‘disrespected or ridiculed people struggling with weight loss’: ‘’I wanted to take a moment and apologize for what I posted yesterday. That post was directed at someone most of you know. I am fully responsible for what I post and it’s unfortunate that it got out of hand and offended so many people. At no given time would I ever disrespect or ridicule people struggling with weight loss as I have been there myself.”

Adding, “Trust me, I know just how hard it is. The hashtag #ObesityIsAChoice was referring to those who have the full capacity to work out and eat right but choose not to. I am fully aware that some people suffer from certain conditions that make it hard to lose weight. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I did not mean to offend anyone. Have a blessed week ahead.’’

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