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Jimmy wanjigi / jimi wanjigi has lived quiet and mysterious life. Kenyans started hearing of him only after businessman Jacob Juma was shot dead, in 2016. Some people started thinking he is illuminati or in certain cult. He is NASA financier.


Jimmy Wanjigi (Jimi Richard Wanjigi) was born in 1962. He is a businessman and political influencer. During the 2017 general election he was one of the financier for National Super Alliance (Nasa).


Jimmy Wanjigi attended St Mary’s School, Nairobi and in 1982 he enrolled at University of York in Cananda, he left before graduating. When he came back he worked at his father’s company in Westlands,


he is one of the richest people in Kenya is estimated at ksh 10billion


Jimmy Wanjigi’s palatial home in Muthaiga. They revealed that the controversial wheeler-dealer has spared no expense in his personal security.

inside the house is a bunker so strong that the police were totally unable to penetrate. Since Monday, police camped inside Jimmy Wanjigi’s house, trying to locate and break into the bunker, where the billionaire was reportedly hiding. A video emerged on social media of an officer questioning some people in the house on the whereabouts of Jimmy. At the same time, more officers were using crude tools to try and break into walls. It is very likely that not only were the police unable to penetrate the bunker, but they were unable to locate it in the first place.

Most bunkers are built underground, but concealing the entry is the first step. The door could be anywhere, from behind a bookshelf, to any place on the floor.


Businessman Jimmi Wanjigi is rolling around town with an armored V8. The car which costs about Ksh 8million. 

According to IAG, the vehicle withstood over 400 impacts at a variety of angles, and explosives donated at various areas of the vehicle. When police tried to arrest him but refused to get out.


Jimmy wanjigi is married to Irene Nzisa. Wanjigi’s wife runs an art gallery at Kwacha house, one of the establishments owned by the Wanjigi’s.


mysterious 55-year old billionaire businessman Jimmy wanjigi has lead to some thinking he is in Illuminati or some form of cult. No one really know how he gets his wealth



Of all the audacious things that National Super Alliance supremo Raila Odinga has done in a long career packed with bold political moves, his friendship and alliance with uber tenderpreneur and corrupt deal maker Jimi Wanjigi is the most puzzling.

Mr Wanjigi has grown in 15 years of shady deals from an ordinary hustler to a continental oligarch with a flat in London’s Park Lane, a massive mansion on five acres on Muthaiga Road just yards from the residence of the US ambassador, homes in Zurich and bolt holes in Dubai.

He is by far the most feared man in Kenya: the US embassy barred him from the US because, in part, it believed he had threatened to kill

His influence in the security sector, military, parastatals, Parliament, mainline civil service and the media — he keeps lists of people he is believed to have paid off — is comparable to that of Edgar Hoover, the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, who survived in office through intimidation.

Long term investigations by the Nation have revealed a story of an almost impossibly wealthy tender oligarch, whose money affords him a degree of political influence, which has turned the Kenyan political class, intelligentsia and media into mere pawns in a corrupt chess game where the Kenyan economy is plucked like a chicken.

Mr Wanjigi is emerging as one of the driving forces behind the formation of Nasa, which brings together Mr Odinga, former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, and former Cabinet ministers Moses Wetang’ula and Musalia Mudavadi.


After the relationship between Mr Wanjigi, Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta faltered after he found that he was not the prime agent of the Sh330 billion standard gauge railway a project that was reputedly his brainchild during the Grand Coalition government of Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki.

Mr Wanjigi was the mastermind of the flagship project that had been mooted during the time of the grand coalition government, when he was working closely with key figures in that administration
When he was locked out of Jubilee, despite bankrolling their campaign with close to Sh600 million, according to some Jubilee sources, Mr Wanjigi decided to turn to Nasa for solace.

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