Taking Hot Bath Reduces Sperm Count In Men, Doctor Warns


Men have been cautioned against taking part in any activity that increases their body temperature unless they want to risk having a low sperm count.

According to Dr Naveenchandra Acharya, a senior neurologist at Mediheal hospital who was featured on K24 TV this morning taking hot baths reduces sperm count in men.

“Putting on very tight clothes, taking a shower with very hot water or anything which increases body temperature reduces the sperm count,” Dr Acharya stated.

According to the doctor, if you take 30 minutes of hot shower every week for three months, the sperm count will reduce by 500%.

“We call the simple change of taking cold showers instead of hot ones as the wet heat. Changing to cold showers will increase one’s sperm count,” the doctor said.

He also cautioned men against putting on tight trousers that ’strangle’ their testicles. 

“No animal has testicles inside the body. God wanted our testicles to be at a low temperature and that is why they hang outside our bodies so that they may hang at a cool temperature,” Dr Acharya said. 


He further asked men to keep their phones, laptops, and other gadgets away from their genitals because it leads to a reduction in sperm count and diseases like cancer.

Dr Acharya advised men battling infertility to avoid food that might reduce their sperm count adding that low sperm count is the main cause of infertility.

“Obesity is a risk factor and the lifestyle men are living like eating a lot of processed food, meat and dairy products reduces their sperm count,” the doctor said. 

Dr Acharya advised men to step forward and take charge of their sexual health because industrialization has exposed them to a lot of risks,” the neurologist said.

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