Uganda Overtakes Kenya As The Happiest Country In East Africa


Kenya once again trailed Uganda as the happiest country in East Africa, emerging position 119 globally.

This was a further drop from position 86 last year. This year, Uganda is two steps ahead of Kenya, also a drop from position 83 in the previous year. 

Tanzania dropped further to position 139 compared to position 94 the previous year.

Rwanda was ranked as the unhappiest country in the region at position 143 and improved from position 147.

South Sudan and Burundi were not included in the report having been listed in previous surveys as some of the world’s unhappiest nations. 

Mauritius island took first place as the happiest nation in Africa falling at position 44 worldwide.

Finland took first place as the happiest place in the world for the fourth year in a row followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands.

The index looks at different variables including variables GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and corruption.

Although Kenya has a higher degree of GDP per capita, its ranking was weighed down by high corruption index 


The ranking is normally released to commemorate the International Day of Happiness is an annual celebration aimed at helping people around the world to realise the importance of happiness in their lives.

It is a chance for everyone to take steps to make themselves and others happier, to reflect on what makes them happy, and explore new ways to be happy.

In Kenya,  APA Insurance led the celebration with the inaugural APA Happiness Walk which took place at Karura Forest.

Speaking at the event, Apollo Group CEO Ashok Shah said represents a shift in global attitudes towards wellbeing and the recognition of happiness as a human right. 

“With our world facing unprecedented challenges, wellbeing matters more than ever. When we choose to take action to help others, they benefit, we benefit and we set an example of kindness that can ripple out into the world too,” Shah said.

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