Why The Kenyan Government Needs To Legalize Marijuana


Regular physical activities help build a healthy body. Following a disciplined lifestyle with a healthy diet can help lead a happy and fit life. But what constitutes a healthy diet?

A well-balanced plate that can introduce all the nutrients required by the body can be the right way to lead a healthy life. But the scope for fitness expands to intense physical activities for muscle growth and body buildings.

In this case, some additional supplements to encourage muscle growth and recovery can ensure you get the best results out of your workouts. While various supplements that can bring you such effects, is there a natural way to achieve this?

The answer is Yes. Marijuana is one such ingredient that can help improve muscle growth efficiency as well as recovery. The recent shift in the legal status, as well as a social mindset about marijuana, has encouraged scientists to pursue the benefits of this plant.

Brimming with nutrients, this plant can be beneficial for improving the efficiency of muscle growth. So, here are a few ways in which marijuana helps enhance the results of your fitness routine.

1.  Marijuana and Anti-inflammatory properties: The process of muscle building is a cycle. Although it seems like most of the work happens while you are working out, in reality, your muscles start building while you rest post-workout. After going through an intense workout, it is natural to face inflammation in muscles and joints. Marijuana has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help cope with the pain and ache post-workout. It soothes the muscles and helps them relax. As it leads the way for your body to heal naturally, your system focuses on building muscles rather than coping with the pain. This way, marijuana helps enhance the efficiency of the workout as well as helps relax the body and recover.

  1. Marijuana and weight gain: An essential stimulus required for muscle growth in the body is a proper diet. A good diet provides energy and necessary nutrients to the body. People going through training for muscle growth require high protein diets. They are also recommended doses of carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide the body energy. Marijuana helps improve appetite and various studies back up this claim. Marijuana helps naturally increase your appetite by giving you the munchies. You can utilize these cravings to introduce healthy foods to the body and achieve amazing results.  This way, you can consume the right amount of nutrition required. Weight gain is a critical part of muscle growth, and marijuana can benefit by improving an individual’s appetite. Achieving a state of surplus calories is an essential step in muscle stimuli training and marijuana helps deliver this effect.
  2. Marijuana helps increase the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone: One of the main reasons that make marijuana an effective aid for muscle growth is its efficiency in enhancing testosterone and growth hormone secretion. The CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system interact with marijuana. This helps increase the secretion of various hormones in the body, including growth hormones. A study links the increase in testosterone levels post marijuana consumption. These two effects combine to give better results post-workout. Testosterone is an essential component required for muscle building. Weight lifters use supplements from trusted sources like tarragon labs to boost testosterone levels to achieve great results.
  3. Marijuana and nutritional requirements: The body requires necessary nutrients for build up as well as recovery of the muscles. But sometimes our regular diet could turn out to be deficient of certain nutrients. Marijuana can be beneficial in these cases as it can provide the necessary vitamins and mineral requirements of the body.
  1. Marijuana and enhanced performance: Certain strains of marijuana offer bursts of energy, which can be beneficial during an intense training session. One can utilize this energy to increase your training intensity and benefit from the same. It can help you with better endurance. Another effect associated with marijuana is improved concentration. Strains of marijuana, such as Sativa can help improve focus and concentration. It can uplift your body and increase productivity. Other strains, such as Indica have a healing effect on your body. It helps in relaxing your body, which can be beneficial for proper recovery after workouts. This effect can help increase the efficiency of your workouts, and achieve great results, in smaller durations.
  2. Marijuana and DOMS: DOMS refers to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Pain and stiffness in muscles post-workout is a very common problem, often faced by weight lifters. The muscle feels sore and uncomfortable, and often takes a long time to heal. Marijuana can help delay the onset of DOMS and make it a less unpleasant experience which can get you back to your regular workout faster. Cannabis helps reduce pain and relieve discomfort due to muscle stiffness.

Which method of consumption can benefit the most?

The most critical aspect of marijuana is how you take it. Each method has its pros and cons, and each of them has varying effects on the body. While it takes only 10 minutes to witness the effects when you inhale, edibles offer a more slow and steady high that takes longer to hit and lasts longer too.

Vaping is the safest method for using marijuana for muscle recovery. It eliminates the need for adding substances such as tobacco which could negatively impact your health. Vaping whole cannabis flowers instead of chemical liquids can be most beneficial to muscle growth and recovery.

Marijuana is a supportive ingredient to include in your regimen, unlike alcohol. Alcohol hinders muscle protein synthesis, which could slow down your progress. Whereas marijuana aids your muscle growth in various ways as discussed.

There are various health and medicinal benefits associated with marijuana that can not only guide you to good physical health but can also help you with your mental health. Utilizing this amazing plant can help you achieve healthy muscle growth and faster recovery.

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