Worrying Trend Of Men Dying During Sex, What’s Killing Them?


The number of Kenyan men that have been dying during sex is worrying. It all started coming to the surface following the death of the Senator for Machakos County Boniface Kabaka (although the family said he died of Covid-19).

Since then, men have been dropping one by one with the latest case being that of a man in Kisumu whois said to have died while having sex with his mother-in-law. Although we are always making fun of the situation, it is time we start asking why this is happening.

Another man has died in Kisumu in the middle of sex with mother-in-law.

— Juma G (@jumaf3_) January 20, 2021

In most cases, the death of those men while performing their biological functions has led to recovering some drugs at the “scene of the crime,” mostly the “blue pill.” This begs the question, are we having poisonous “blue pills” on the loose in Kenya?

The blue pill – or ‘the little blue pill‘ – is the nickname given to the erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra, due to its appearance. Viagra is the most widely used of all erectile dysfunction treatments. However, some men opt to use it to “enhance their performance.”


When viagra is taken, the heart rate is increased and blood flow is quickened. In most cases, people who die from it have underlying medical conditions such as heart problems or high blood pressure. People with such conditions aren’t supposed to use viagra.

But why are men competing to last longer in bed? Are women becoming too demanding or it is just the pride of men to want to show off that is killing them? I think men should realize that in such moments, you are there for pleasure, not at war or to punish anyone.

Do not think that if you are paying more then you must last longer. You will have yourself killed. A normal erection should last 4 to 11 minutes, beyond that is a showoff and a danger to your life. You will think you are being laid for pleasure when in reality you are being laid to rest, forever.

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