Ruto’s Cooking Pot Is Full Of Frustration And Desperation


William Ruto, the billionaire man representing the hustlers, the mobilizer unit of the Tangatanga wing and provider of countrywide donations. The man who knows Kenya in and out traversing every corner of Kenya with his 2022 presidential parody. The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya who has all solutions as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With pomp and colourful Kenyans flags behind him, Ruto held a presser much the chagrin of many. Having done nothing at all along but sitting back and tending to his dear cabbages, Ruto had steered clear of making any attempt to aid President Uhuru Kenyatta strategize in fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Instead, he came out to show Kenyans how farming of cabbages is done.

Like a man awakening from a drunken stupor, Ruto summoned all media houses to provide his solutions on the coronavirus pandemic. He came out and reported all that had been said by the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe in a cheap publicity stance which Kenyans saw for themselves.

However, to bring it further into context, Ruto was simply reviving himself and his 2022 presidential ambitions. Having mobilized his Tangatanga team, it was time to put to action that which they had discussed and ensure that even the coronavirus pandemic works to their advantage. But in their discussions nothing sufficed, no strategy, no solution, no donations, no philanthropic effort even to his ‘fellow’ hustlers. What came out was the loud silence of the the Tangatanga wing.

Instead Ruto saw it best to start wrangles and party wars as this is what drives his 2022 presidential ambitions. Only chaos and confusion as he wants his political attention back to himself and away from the COVID-19 pandemic. He cares less for ‘his people’, ‘his followers’, ‘his hustlers’ only giving great attention where money is involved as has been seen from numerous scandals such as the Kimwarer and Arror Sh21bn dams scandal.


Currently, discussions on the screen about Ruto are not on what he is doing to fight the spread of the COVID-19 or cushion Kenyans from the effects of the pandemic but it is all centred on his presidential ambitions. Even governors are outdoing the man who is second in power to the President portraying true leadership as it is needed now more than ever.

People are making attempts, Governor Joho has given out face masks to police officers to distribute to Kenyans, KiCOTEC in Kitui under Governor Charity Ngilu is working hard to supply the government with Personal Protective Equipment for health workers all over the country. Leaders, institutions, private firms are stepping up to assist the government, however, Ruto is ranting wildly over politics.

With the loud silence witnessed on the part of the Deputy President and his allies, the best remedy for Ruto is that Kenyans assure him of a vote come 2022. The constant talk on the presidential elections must continue for Ruto, as he is likely to offer solutions once he is guaranteed of presidency.

A threatened and desperate man, the Deputy President is seeing his political ambitions drown away with the COVID-19 pandemic. Will Kenyans give and the general media give him attention to awaken his dead dream? Or will the country focus on safety and welfare of Kenyans during this pandemic?

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