The Trouble With The Documents Presented By Mary Onyancha Against ‘Dead Beat’ Maraga


Like we brought to you facts on the Fake Story of HomaBay Covid19 Coffin on personal car with 12 people, we again delved deep to check on the documents presented by Mary Kwamboka Onyancha against CJ Maraga.

All factors held constant and without casting aspersions as to the characters of either Mary or Cj Maraga. Without judging the veracity of the claim of the two having a child or not, ladies and gentlemen let’s take a look at the documents she presented.

Birth certificate presented.

To a layman and on casual look, it looks authentic given like all things in Kenya, it is colored and signed ..for Kenyans trust colored documents, but…..children often do not have their names attached to that of their fathers on the same birth certificate. Still this certificate came out in a record 8 days like Bishop Wanjiru recovered COVID 19! not in Kenya. READ ON:

  1. Serial number on top right ought to start with with C OR AE, OR F(folio Number) for NAIROBI , It often start with C.
  2. All birth in NAIROBI were recorded as NAIROBI District …NAIROBI Province as at 2014 AD. Most of changes that accused under the devolved systems took off on or about July 2014. Even if that were the case, there would be no way the sub county/District changed eg Kamkunji but ‘Nairobi Province’ remained..it should then be ‘Nairobi County.’
  3. The entry number 55771000834 does not belong to Nairobi as far as we could verify with various samples. Nairobi entry starts with either 26, 026,0260, as at 2014AD confirm with your child’s birth or your own if you were born in Nairobi. Same as with District of birth most codes under devolved systems came about July 2014. I still doubt if birth code changes have taken effect according to sub counties as with education. However documents under our possession show registration dates as at 2014 still remained the same with Nairobi as district and 26/026/0260 as the Nairobi birth entry.
  4. MOST birth certificates from 2012-17 in Nairobi featured MM GITAU, H.O.OTIENO, C,J AKWONI, JOSEPHAT NGAMA (2014), H.K MUSEMBI as NAIROBI registrars. F.O. SHAMWATA has never been a registrar in NAIROBI for that period.
  5. NAME AND DESCRIPTION OF INFORMANT : This is the person who gave the details as shown on the birth and mostly is the Parent, relative when a parent is deceased or self(for those who applied for birth certificates as adults). Strangely for Kwamboka;s child the information was given by the ‘Maternity Attendant.’ this begs the question why did Kwamboka not give details of her own child? Was she in a a comma after birth such that details were given by the .M Attendant.’ how did the Attendant know her. Where were her immediate relatives at the time?
  6. Just blow the name Nairobi designating the registrar there are supposed to be two serials. Hers has one. Let us just use that one.
    CA/PU/2706 of 28/18/14. Now this is where the criminal act took place. assuming the code is correct due to devolved system, but God looking down upon us the Gregorian Calendar we use in Kenya today ends in December.(12th Month). Look at the birth certificate presented by Kwamboka again after ‘OF’
    ’28’ signifying Date
    ’18’ signifying the MONTH, which MONTH? 18TH month?
    ’14’ This should be the year

The code above is entirely fake. An authentic Code looks like this Example below, taken from birth certificate: CA.26299/C OF 22/3/2014 .


There is also another code called Authorization code missing just after the code above.. it should read for example AUTH. 16499/CA OF 23/3/2014; there is just lots of gaps and illegality on the birth certificate Kwamboka presented and this is the illegality many do in Kenya and run away with as genuine documents..refer to Walukhe’s case where they were accused of forging document from South Africa and used it to get money.

Then lastly on the certificate, there are initial on or above Note: ‘A certificate of Birth is not a proof of Kenyan Citizenship’

example JNM, MA, or JNW and so on…the one [resented by Kwamboka has nothing of the sort.

The letter.


  1. First there is no such ministry n Kenya today or during the time the letter as written. What we have in the government is ‘Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs’
  2. The letter has no authenticating stamp since it is departmental documents.
  3. A receipt is not printed on a letter head…unless is it a fake one
  4. A receipt has serial number
    3 a computer generated receipt is not filled by hand….why would it fill the amount and not find the name of the student/pupil on the data base?
  5. An authentic system generated receipt has coding for each item paid for,amount and balance even if it is zero balance.
  6. A system generated receipts has time stamps and name of the transacting officers. It also indicate if money is paid in cash or cheques and in other case even MPESA.
  7. The fees receipts should bear the stamp of the school or even a bank has one. this one has none.
  8. The note below the figures disqualifies the term ‘Official Receipt’ up there. such notes are found on fees structures.
  9. the line thi is to show that .xxxxxxx has cleared school fees mean, this is a clearance letter and not an official receipt as shown above.
  10. That rent receipt was typed at cyber with no proper letter head not stamp! the two documents thus are cooked!

Kwamboka is paying a one bed-roomed house in Buruburu for KSH 45,000 Per month Buruburu of KENYA or?

Be that as it may, if this case goes to court, Kwamboka has proven that she is able to pay Ksh 41,000 for rent and Ksh 41,000 for fees without struggle,( see when she cleared term 3 fees) meaning is is not in dire need..but if proven to be true the Maraga should pay…like they used to say ‘Osumba will pay.’

The only way out is here is DNA test or like she came, Kwamboka will go under and only come out saying ‘ni Shetani aliniambia nifanye hayo yote.’

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