Trouble At LSK


The Law Society of Kenya has once again attracted attention to corruption and confusion within its leadership as the willingness to take money from a certain senior government official has divided the lawyers and thrust the council into civil war.

It has been revealed that certain council members have taken money in order to remove Mercy Wambua as Secretary of the LSK. Ms. Wambua has been a vocal opponent of Nelson Havi ever since he took office, one of the few who have refused to sell the LSK out to the highest bidder…

or assist his schemes to involve the law society in DP William Ruto’s campaign of anarchy, corruption & division. When the council voted to throw out the case & retain Ms. Wambua as their secretary Havi left the meeting & instead tried to veto council decision & force Wambua out.

This move has not gone down well with lawyers who are still reeling from the humiliation of LSK President Nelson Havi after he received political sponsorship to disrupt Parliament last week but failed, instead bringing undue shame to all lawyers in the country.

It has also been revealed that Nelson Havi and other council members have been blocking an audit investigation into LSK’s International Arbitration Center, a project which society members have contributed million towards but which has yet to begin.


It has been revealed that the millions that lawyers contributed was instead channeled to some council members pockets. This can perhaps explain Havi’s frequent weekends of fun & accommodation for member Esther Ang’awa & Herine Kabita at the Hilton which is costing millions.

In order to turn LSK into his own private dictatorship Nelson Havi requires a secretary he can order around. Ms. Wambua and a few others have refused to be the rubber stamp to corruption at LSK. This is why he is determined to have them thrown out.

Sponsors for this illegal move include William Ruto who has paid Havi to cause legal and political unrest in Kenya. It is Ruto who gave the go ahead for Havi to lead lawyers to protest and occupy Parliament last week.

When the LSK council refused to endorse Havi’s activism for hire and send a memo to lawyers to support the protest it was clear to Nelson Havi and his sponsors that opponents to his dictatorship had to go.

It is clear what must happen next. The audit into the International Arbitration Center must be conducted with speed and the people involved in the looting must be named, shamed and removed including the LSK chairman Nelson Havi who is intimidating everyone to kill the audit.

The soul of LSK has been sold to the highest bidder & now the chicken have come home to roost. Havi can no longer deflect from the matter, the LSK council has been degraded into an open air market where corrupt politicians can acquire a lawyer troublemaker for hire, bei ya jioni

Havi must go, LSK must be restored to its true self.


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