Uhuru Slams Ruto For Parroting Yet Doing Nothing Despite Being Given Job, Cautions Kenyans Against His Lies


President Uhuru Kenyatta has yet again taken a dig at his deputy William Ruto with only 38 days left to the August 9 polls.

Speaking at a function in KICC on Saturday, the President, without mentioning his name, lashed out at his deputy for issuing numerous pledges yet he had the opportunity to deliver.

Uhuru said the DP had a whole 8 years to implement most of the development pledges he is issuing now but he could not.

“Nasikitika nikiona wengine huko ng’we ng’we ng’we. Mtu amepewa kazi, badala ya kazi ni mdomo, mdomo, mdomo tu. Alafu anaanza kusema tutafanya na tutafanya,” he said.

“Kwa nini haukufanya ukiwa na kazi.Hii maneno ya makelele huko, huko, watu wawache upuzi… Munya  hapa amefanya kazi kwa miaka mitatu. Hao walikua miaka nane walifanya nini?”

Loosely translates to: ” I am saddened to see some people talking out there. Someone has been given a job instead of doing it he is just making empty talks. Then the same person starts saying he will do this and that”.


“Why didn’t you do that when you had the opportunity. People should stop such rubbish… This issue of making too much noise here and there should stop. CS munya here has delivered a lot in the three years he has served. What have those people done for the 8 years?”

He added:

“Wakiona mtu na shida wanasema watatatua. Kwa nini hamkutatua mkiwa ofisi?”

The President went on to urge Kenyans to make wise choices ahead of the August polls reminding them their future is at stake.

Uhuru noted that he has not coerced anyone into backing a particular camp but said it is upon Kenyans to evaluate their leaders before voting for them.

“Lakini vile nimesema ni shauri yenu. Sijalazimisha mtu kitu nimesema mfikirie. Think, think, think.”

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