Waiguru claims Uhuru understands why she has to ditch Jubilee for Ruto’s UDA party


Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has stated in an exclusive interview with a local daily that President Uhuru understands why she has to ditch Jubilee party for Ruto’s UDA party.

Asked whether she is abandoning Uhuru, the county head stated that the head of state is not ‘abandonable’.

She added that she would be of no use to the exiting President if she lost her seat, saying that the Jubilee Party leader understands why she has to seek for re-election through another political vehicle.

“Uhuru is a politician par excellence. Look at his track record, he understands what I am doing completely, because what use am I to Uhuru if I am out?” she posed.

The ex-Devolution minister maintained that her sole focus in next year’s polls is how she will secure her seat.

“The first rule in politics, in my view, is that you first secure your seat because that is what gives you audience,” she stated.

Waiguru further adds that in her quest for re-election, it is vital that she does not go against the grain.


She admits that the ground in her county has shifted to Ruto’s UDA party and it would be suicidal to go against the grain.

“Where I come from, the Wanjiku are tending to be on the UDA side. Now, I can make a choice and go against the grain and I could probably win, but would not have a very good time governing because MCAs would go the Wanjiku way,” she said.

The county chief further added that she would not want to run on a party that is not popular in her region.

According to her, she would end up being a governor heading county assembly members of a different political party.

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