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Rwanda Now Using Drones To Fight Coronavirus


Rwanda is leaving no stone unturned in the effort to combat #COVID-19 pandemic that is terminating the world.

In the bid to increase public awareness under the ongoing countrywide lockdown, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) has began flying drones in neighborhoods with automated megaphones.

The drones fly in close range to allow people to hear recorded messages from the loudhailers.

“We have added drones to our methods of raising awareness about #COVID-19,” RNP announced.

“As drones pass your neighborhoods, we ask you to listen carefully to the message. Don’t leave your home to view the drones,” RNP said on Sunday morning.

Anticipating drones might attract the attention of the curious folks who have never seen a drone, the Rwanda National Police advised the public not to mind the drones.


“Don’t gather in large groups when drones deliver messages,” the Police said. “Stay Home, protect your life and that of others. Save lives.”

The development follows a new dimension in the behaviour of the pandemic.

Rwanda has began recording local contagion of second generation, but possibilities of unknown third generation suspected to be lurking out there.

In the first weeks of March up to first week of April, the Ministry began announcing both confirmed cases and all tested individuals.

Since then, the ministry has reported 4176 tests,  120 confirmed cases and 18 recoveries so far. No deaths reported yet.

As contagion increases, the government believes heightened public awareness will play a crucial role and drones come as handy tools for the job.

It is not the first time Rwanda deploys drones for health interventions. Early March, drones were dispatched to spray and kill mosquitoes in malaria prone zones in the country.

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