TAHIDI HIGH Alleged To Be Performing S3xual Scenes Provoking Viewers,CITIZEN TV Boss Sent A Complaint


The Television Viewers And Radio Listeners Association Of Kenya has written s letter to the head of citizen TV complaining against s3xual manipulations and provoking scenes witnessed on the popular Kenyan high school programme that airs weekly on citizen TV. Below is sample of the letter that the body has written to citizen management complaining.
Wachira Waruru,
Chief Executive Officer,
Royal Media Services,
Communications Centre,
N A I R O B I.
Dear Sir,
Ref:Tahidi High on Citizen TV Kenya 29th October 2013
We are very thankful to you for taking our complaints and concerns seriously and making
effort to rectify them.Recently,we raised concerns about the limits of the ‘KAA RADA’ prank programme and you advised them to tone
it down.Which has been done Thank you.
We have received numerous complaints again about the Tahidi high play in which a student and
Mr Kilunda,a teacher are openly having s*x and blow jobs around the pool side in the course of
the play.This is outrageous and unimaginable!It is unthinkable to grasp what you want to achieve or
inform the public with such orgies and stupidity.
Citizen television is respected and held as the leader of entertainment in Kenya.Why are
you allowing such breakage of laws and statutes in our country?Do you care at all about the children of Kenya?Do you care at all about
decency and maturity?Are you sensitive to public interests and welfare?
Kindly note that the show was aired contrary to the Media Act(2007),the Kenya Communications Act(2008),the watershed Schedule and other
written provisions and statutes.You are therefore required to apologize and ensure that such
pornographic materials and nonsense are not aired on Kenyan television again.
We will ensure that the laws,procedures and guidelines are followed to the letter for the sake
of our children and decency of our society.
Thank you,
Secretary General.


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