‘The Boys’ Meet The Group Of Luo Fuckboys Led By Jalango Who Sleep And Pass Around Their Women


The latest vibe in town is that of ‘The Boys’ so this a small group of gentlemen from the Luo who’re on a fucking spree. According to WhatsApp group leaks doing rounds, the group of the fuckboys formed by Jalango the media personality, sleep with anything with two legs and post their meal on the WhatsApp group.

Women are being passed around like weed in that group, the goal is to sleep with as many to see who the hero is. After you’re done with your victim, you post her photo and number on the WhatsApp group and the next man takes on the prey.

So apparently this has been going on for sometime undetected until some girl busted the ring and listed on Facebook.

The group that specializes in chewing has no boundaries. Despite some being married that doesn’t stop the game.

So below are screenshots leaked of the chats courtesy of Edgar on Instagram. Good luck if you understand Luo, if you don’t, find a friend.


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