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Vijana Tuwache ‘Marination’ How A Drunk Sex Landed Frank Wanyama And Alex Olaba In Prison


It’s a common thing for city girls to throw themselves out on rugby players, mostly they’re attracted to their heavily masculine bodies. There’s a group of girls who’re toasted around in the rugby circles like shits of tequila.

There’s nothing new under the sun, these escapades have been on for decades. Remember Masaku 7s? Do you know why it was so popular? Sex. Yes sex. For ages particularly in Kenya, rugby has been identified with sex and beer and that’s why most sponsors are alcohol firms.

Rugby players have been known to be panty droppers to many naughty city girls. Attend any rugby event and observe what happens in the after parties, sex sex and more sex.

At least for some of us who’ve heard insider gossips, orgies are the orders of the day with free girls ready to explore their sexual fantasies. This was the presumption that eventually landed Harlequin’s Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba In trouble.

Wendy Kemunto was not someone strange to the circle, so these guys had some sense of familiarity and the boys thought this would be just like the rest of the many escapades in the industry. They all got drunk together, it’s called ‘marination’ getting High together before sex. It happens a lot in Nairobi, not to justify anything but being realistic.


According to Wanyama and Olaba, they both had agreed on a sex orgy, they say it was consensual and the lady agreed to swallow them all. They didn’t know what they were walking into.

It was in her birthday, she wanted to get loose but maybe not that much, according to her testimony, singer claimed she was raped after accompanying one of the players to his house when her birthday party ended. “I was slipping in and out of consciousness maybe due to shock, but I was helpless. I couldn’t fight two men who play rugby professionally. Obviously they were stronger, hence I let them do whatever they wanted to do the whole night,” she claimed in her statement.

However, the accused duo maintains that this was an agreed deal and it was all consensual, Kemunto agreed to have sex with both, a position they still maintain.

Nothing unusual happened, after the night she didn’t report rape or anything, according to media reports. Things took a drastic step when Kemunto found out that she was pregnant from that escapade and couldn’t tell whom the father was and that’s where everything went north.

She then threatened to report them to the police for rape and they told her to go ahead. Meanwhile, it emerged, they had videotaped the whole thing. They quickly deleted the video from there phones and that’s the guilt point the judge used against them.

This case should now be a great study case for city boys, she’s sending them to jail because she’s entrenching her case on consent, while it can be easily argued that she consented, she also argues that she wasn’t in sound mind and was intoxicated. Culture of marination could After all be a big trap for many in the city. Think deep.

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